19215, SAURASHTRA EXP 11.20BCT* 08.20ADI 19.40Get
16587, YPR BKN EXP 07.00BSR 09.10ADI 16.10Get
22451, CDG SUP FAST 07.25BDTS* 12.05ADI 19.30Get
59439, AHMADABAD PASS 16.20BCT* 12.15ADI* 04.35Get
22915, BDTS HSR SF EXP 07.45BDTS* 12.55ADI 20.40Get
19203, BDTS BVC EXP 10.50BDTS* 13.15ADI 00.05Get
12480, SURYANAGARI EXP 07.45BDTS* 13.30ADI 21.15Get
12989, AJMER EXPRESS 07.35DDR* 14.35ADI 22.10Get
19115, BDTS BHUJ EXP 08.50BDTS* 14.50ADI 23.40Get
14708, RANAKPUR EXPRES 08.45BDTS* 15.05ADI 23.50Get
19261, PORBANDAR EXP 07.40BSR 15.30ADI 23.10Get
19131, KUTCH EXPRESS 08.30BDTS* 17.10ADI 01.40Get
19017, SAU JANATA EXP 08.35BDTS* 17.35ADI 02.10Get
22927, LOK SHAKTI EXP 08.40BDTS* 19.40ADI* 04.20Get
19005, SAURASHTRA MAIL 08.20BCT* 20.25ADI 04.45Get
19707, ARAVALI EXPRESS 08.05BDTS* 21.00ADI 05.05Get
12971, BHAVNAGAR EXP 07.55BDTS* 21.30ADI 05.25Get
16534, SBC JODHPUR EXP 09.00KYN 21.45ADI 06.45Get
12901, GUJARAT MAIL 08.35BCT* 22.00ADI* 06.35Get
59441, AHMEDABAD PASS 16.05BCT* 22.40ADI* 14.45Get
11092, PUNE BHUJ EXP 07.55BSR 23.50ADI 07.45Get
Not on 22-Dec having Sleeper class22/12
12959, DADAR BHUJ EXP, 24-Dec 08.00DDR* 00.05ADI 08.05
16614, RAJKOT EXPRESS, 27-Dec 07.40BSR 06.20ADI 14.00
17018, RAJKOT EXPRESS, 23-Dec 07.40BSR 06.20ADI 14.00
17204, CCT BVC EXPRESS, 26-Dec 07.40BSR 06.20ADI 14.00
19201, SC PBR EXP, 25-Dec 07.40BSR 06.20ADI 14.00
19567, VIVEK EXP, 23-Dec 07.00BSR 09.10ADI 16.10
19027, VIVEK EXPRESS, 27-Dec 07.25BDTS* 12.05ADI 19.30
19029, BDTS DEE EXPRES, 24-Dec 08.15BDTS* 12.25ADI 20.40
22935, BDTS PIT SF EXP, 25-Dec 07.45BDTS* 12.55ADI 20.40
12490, DDR BIKANER EXP, 24-Dec 07.35DDR* 14.35ADI 22.10
22474, BDTS BKN SUP EX, 23-Dec 07.35BDTS* 14.35ADI 22.10
22931, BDTS JSM EXP, 26-Dec 07.35BDTS* 14.35ADI 22.10
19577, HAPA EXPRESS, 23-Dec 07.40BSR 15.30ADI 23.10
22907, MAO HAPA SUP EX, 26-Dec 08.15PNVL 19.55ADI 04.10
16508, JODHPUR EXPRESS, 23-Dec 09.00KYN 21.45ADI 06.45
16210, AJMER EXPRESS, 24-Dec 07.55BSR 22.55ADI 06.50
16506, GANDHIDHAM EXP, 28-Dec 07.55BSR 22.55ADI 06.50
16532, GARIB NAWAZ EXP, 27-Dec 07.55BSR 22.55ADI 06.50
16312, BIKANER EXPRESS, 28-Dec 07.55BSR 23.20ADI 07.15
16334, VERAVAL EXPRESS, 23-Dec 07.55BSR 23.20ADI 07.15
16336, GANDHIDHAM EXP, 24-Dec 07.55BSR 23.20ADI 07.15
16338, OKHA EXPRESS, 25-Dec 07.55BSR 23.20ADI 07.15
19259, KCVL BVC EXPRES, 26-Dec 07.55BSR 23.20ADI 07.15
19065, BDTS BGKT EXP, 26-Dec 08.20BDTS* 23.25ADI 07.45
11050, AHMEDABAD EXP, 27-Dec 07.55BSR 23.50ADI* 07.45
11088, PUNE VERAVAL EX, 25-Dec 07.55BSR 23.50ADI 07.45
11090, PUNE BGKT EXP, 28-Dec 07.55BSR 23.50ADI 07.45
11096, AHIMSA EXPRESS, 24-Dec 07.55BSR 23.50ADI* 07.45
19451, GANDHIDHAM EXP, 25-Dec 08.10BDTS* 23.55ADI 08.05
Trains not having Sleeper class22/12
19011, GUJARAT EXPRESS 09.10BCT* 05.45ADI* 14.55Y
12009, SHATABDI EXP 06.45BCT* 06.25ADI* 13.10Y
14805, BARMER AC EXP, 23-Dec 07.00BSR 12.20ADI 19.20
12216, DEE GARIBRATH, 23-Dec 06.35BDTS* 12.55ADI 19.30
12933, KARNAVATI EXP 07.45BCT* 13.40ADI* 21.25Y
22476, BIKANER AC EXP, 28-Dec 08.00PNVL 13.45ADI 21.45
12931, ADI DOUBLE DECK 07.20BCT* 14.20ADI* 21.40Y
12267, ADI DURANTO EXP 06.25BCT* 23.25ADI* 05.50Y
22903, BHUJ AC S F EXP, 24-Dec 06.30BDTS* 23.55ADI 06.25
Legends for Seats Status
*First or Last Station
00Seat Available
WLWaiting List
RACReservation Against Cancellation
CDCharting Done
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NANot Available
SCStation stoppage canceled
TCTrain canceled
TDTrain Departed
YTrain runs on the day
To Stations
ADIAhmedabad Jn