12588, JAMMU GKP EXP 01.45PTKC 00.25JRC 02.10Get
16032, ANDAMAN EXPRESS 02.02PTKC 01.33JRC 03.35Get
12920, MALWA EXPRESS 01.53PTKC 10.40JRC 12.33Get
19224, JAT ADI EXPRESS 02.20PTK 10.55JUC 13.15Get
12478, JAT JAMNAGR EXP 01.45PTKC 13.00JRC 14.45Get
12238, BEGAMPURA EXP 01.45PTKC 15.40JRC 17.25Get
18110, JAT MURI ROU EX 03.57PTK 16.45JUC 20.42Get
04404, UHP ANVT SPL 02.25PTKC 18.10JRC 20.35Get
14034, JAMMU MAIL 02.25PTK 19.05JUC 21.30Get
12414, JAMMU AII EXP 01.55PTKC 20.00JRC 21.55Get
14610, HEMKUNT EXP 02.21PTKC 20.30JRC 22.51Get
12356, ARCHANA EXPRESS 01.47PTKC 21.45JRC 23.32Get
13152, SEALDAH EXPRESS 01.56PTKC 22.05JRC 00.01Get
12446, UTTAR S KRANTI 01.40PTKC 22.48JRC 00.28Get
14646, SHALIMAR EXP 01.55PTKC 23.05JRC 01.00Get
11078, JHELUM EXPRESS 01.55PTKC 23.45JRC 01.40Get
19226, JAT BTI EXP 03.40PTK 23.50JUC 03.30Get
Not on 21-Dec having Sleeper class21/12
19108, JANMABHOOMI EXP 01.50PTKC 00.05JUC 01.55
12332, HIMGIRI EXPRESS 01.45PTKC 00.25JRC 02.10
15098, AMARNATH EXP 01.45PTKC 00.25JRC 02.10
15652, LOHIT EXPRESS 01.45PTKC 00.25JRC 02.10
15654, JAMMU GHY EXPRE 01.45PTKC 00.25JRC 02.10
14502, JAT BTI EXP 01.42PTKC 01.08JRC 02.50
11450, JAT JBP EXPRES 02.02PTKC 01.33JRC 03.35
16318, HIMSAGAR EXP 02.02PTKC 01.33JRC 03.35
16688, NAVYUG EXPRESS 02.02PTKC 01.33JRC 03.35
19804, JAT KOTA EXP 02.02PTKC 01.33JRC 03.35
12550, JAT DURG SF EXP 01.45PTKC 06.40JRC 08.25
14714, JAT SGNR EXP 02.02PTKC 07.38JRC 09.40
18216, JAT DURG EXP 04.15PTK 07.40JUC 11.55
19028, VIVEK EXPRESS 01.40PTKC 11.20JRC 13.00
12472, SWARAJ EXPRESS 01.45PTKC 13.00JRC 14.45
12474, SARVODAYA EXP 01.45PTKC 13.00JRC 14.45
12476, JAT HAPA EXP 01.45PTKC 13.00JRC 14.45
19806, UHP KOTA EXP 02.25PTKC 18.10JRC 20.35
12470, JAT CNB EXPRESS 01.47PTKC 21.45JRC 23.32
12492, MAUR DHAWAJ EXP 01.47PTKC 21.45JRC 23.32
14036, DHAULADHAR EXP 02.05PTK* 23.20JRC 01.25
Trains not having Sleeper class21/12
12208, KGM GARIB RATH 01.42PTKC 01.08JRC 02.50
22462, SHRI SHAKTI EXP 01.53PTKC 02.17JRC 04.10Y
74902, PTK JUC DMU 02.55PTK* 05.35JUC* 08.30Y
14038, PTK DLI EXP 03.35PTK* 07.00JUC 10.35Y
54622, PTK JUC PASS 02.50PTK* 08.25JUC* 11.15Y
74904, PTK JUC DMU 03.10PTK* 17.25JUC* 20.35Y
22402, UHP DEE AC SUP 01.38PTKC 20.50JRC 22.28Y
Legends for Seats Status
*First or Last Station
00Seat Available
WLWaiting List
RACReservation Against Cancellation
CDCharting Done
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NANot Available
SCStation stoppage canceled
TCTrain canceled
TDTrain Departed
YTrain runs on the day
From Stations
PTKPathankot Jn
PTKCPathankot Cantt