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Trains Agra Cantt to Nasik Road

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ASR CSTM EXP 11058, 22.10
MTWTFSSAgra Cantt00.48d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SNasik Road22.58a
PUNJAB MAIL 12138, 18.13
MTWTFSSAgra Cantt08.35d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SNasik Road02.48a
LASHKAR EXPRESS 12162, 18.48
MTWTFSSAgra Cantt23.35d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SNasik Road18.23a
MNGLA LKSDP EXP 12618, 17.08
MTWTFSSAgra Cantt12.10d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SNasik Road05.18a
BE LTT EXPRESS 14314, 20.38
MTWTFSSAgra Cantt18.45d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SNasik Road15.23a
HW LTT AC SF 12172, 16.43
MTWTFSSAgra Cantt03.00d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SNasik Road19.43a
NZM LTT AC EXP 22110, 14.27
MTWTFSSAgra Cantt17.51d
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SNasik Road08.18a