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ASR HWH MAIL 13006, 06.14
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SMughal Sarai Jn17.55a
LKO BSB PASS 54256, 08.55
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SVaranasi Jn21.20a
LKO BSB INTRCIT 14204, 05.31
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SVaranasi Jn13.30a
KASHI V EXPRESS 14258, 05.56
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SVaranasi Jn04.45a
DDN BSB EXPRESS 14266, 06.51
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SVaranasi Jn15.45a
RMR BSB EXPRESS 55322, 06.51
1A2A3ACCFCSL2SVaranasi Jn15.45a
Indian Railways is one of the largest network in the world. Railways operates many types of trains such as Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto, Superfast trains, Mail Express trains and passenger trains. There are various Suburban trains which are called local trains. Mumbai local trains, Kolkata local trains, Hyderabad local train, Chennai local trains, Delhi local trains. They cater to Suburban areas. provides information regarding all types of trains which are run by Indian Railways. There are reserved trains and unreserved trains. eRail train enquiry provides combined list of all the trains which depart from a given station. eRail data is sourced from various websites such as IRCTC, and provides the latest and updated time table of Indian Railways network trains. Users can check seat availability, running status and PNR status of the trains. On the website you can check trains related information in a quick and easy format.