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12976 JP MYSORE EXP Running status

Arrival20:58 Right Time
Departure21:00 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated21 Jan 2019 2:15
1Jaipur19:35Right TimeYet to start
2Durgapura19:4219:45Right Time7 km
3Sawai Madhopur21:3021:40Right Time131 km
4Kota Jn22:5523:05Right Time239 km
5Bhawani Mandi00:1800:20Right Time339 km
6Shamgarh00:4400:45Right Time373 km
7Vikramgarh Alot01:2901:30Right Time424 km
8Nagda Jn02:2502:50Right Time464 km
9Ujjain Jn03:5004:00Right Time519 km
10Berchha04:4904:51Right Time579 km
11Shujalpur05:2405:26Right Time622 km
12Sehore05:5906:01Right Time664 km
13S Hirdaramnagar06:4506:47Right Time692 km
14Bhopal Jn07:1007:20Right Time702 km
15Habibganj07:3207:34Right Time708 km
16Hoshangabad08:4108:43Right Time776 km
17Itarsi Jn09:0509:15Right Time794 km
18Betul10:5911:01Right Time901 km
19Pandhurna12:1112:12Right Time987 km
20Nagpur13:5014:00Right Time1091 km
21Sevagram15:0215:04Right Time1167 km
22Hinganghat15:3015:32Right Time1204 km
23Chandrapur Maharashtra16:4816:50Right Time1288 km
24Balharshah17:4017:50Right Time1302 km
25Sirpur Kaghaznagar18:3818:40Right Time1372 km
26Belampalli19:1319:15Right Time1411 km
27Manchiryal19:2819:29Right Time1430 km
28Kazipet Jn20:5821:00Right Time1546 km
29Kacheguda23:4023:50Right Time1692 km
30Jadcharla01:0801:10Right Time1780 km
31Mahbubnagar01:2701:29Right Time1797 km
32Gadwal02:2602:28Right Time1872 km
33Kurnool Town03:4103:43Right Time1928 km
34Dhone Jn04:5004:55Right Time1981 km
35Guntakal Jn06:1006:15Right Time2050 km
36Anantapur07:5808:00Right Time2135 km
37Dharmavaram Jn08:5509:00Right Time2169 km
38Hindupur10:1310:15Right Time2248 km
39Bangalore Cant12:1812:20Right Time2354 km
40Ksr Bengaluru12:5513:00Right Time2358 km
41Mandya14:1814:20Right Time2451 km
42Mysore Jn15:45Right Time2496 km