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12981 CHETAK EXP Running status

Arrival21:35 Right Time
Departure21:36 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated17 Dec 2018 10:15
1Delhi S Rohilla19:40Right TimeYet to start
2Delhi Cantt19:5619:58Right Time10 km
3Gurgaon20:1420:16Right Time27 km
4Pataudi Road20:3720:39Right Time57 km
5Rewari21:0521:07Right Time78 km
6Ateli21:3521:36Right Time115 km
7Narnaul21:4921:51Right Time129 km
8Nim Ka Thana22:2622:28Right Time180 km
9Shri Madhopur22:5522:56Right Time216 km
10Ringas Jn23:0723:09Right Time226 km
11Renwal23:3323:34Right Time259 km
12Phulera Jn00:2500:30Right Time293 km
13Kishangarh01:0701:09Right Time344 km
14Ajmer Jn02:0502:15Right Time373 km
15Nasirabad02:3702:39Right Time396 km
16Bijainagar03:0903:11Right Time438 km
17Bhilwara04:1104:16Right Time505 km
18Chittaurgarh05:1505:35Right Time559 km
19Mavli Jn06:3806:40Right Time630 km
20Ranapratapnagar07:2607:28Right Time669 km
21Udaipur City07:50Right Time673 km