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18447 HIRAKHAND EXP Running status

Arrival20:54 Right Time
Departure20:55 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated11 Dec 2018 10:15
1Bhubaneswar19:35Right TimeYet to start
2Khurda Road Jn20:0020:05Right Time19 km
3Nirakarpur20:2620:27Right Time45 km
4Bhusandpur20:3520:36Right Time52 km
5Kalupara Ghat20:4520:46Right Time62 km
6Kuhuri20:5420:55Right Time69 km
7Balugaon21:1021:12Right Time90 km
8Chilka21:2021:21Right Time97 km
9Khallikot21:3021:31Right Time107 km
10Ganjam21:5521:56Right Time135 km
11Chatrapur22:0522:07Right Time144 km
12Brahmapur22:2522:30Right Time166 km
13Ichchapuram22:5022:52Right Time190 km
14Sompeta23:0623:08Right Time208 km
15Palasa00:0800:10Right Time240 km
16Naupada Jn00:3000:32Right Time265 km
17Srikakulam Road01:0801:10Right Time313 km
18Chipurupalli01:4001:42Right Time351 km
19Vizianagram Jn02:1502:35Right Time382 km
20Bobbili Jn03:2703:32Right Time435 km
21Parvatipuram03:5403:56Right Time459 km
22Parvatipuram Town04:0004:02Right Time461 km
23Rayagada04:5005:15Right Time506 km
24Singapuram Road05:3105:33Right Time515 km
25Keutguda05:4705:49Right Time525 km
26Sikarpai06:0806:10Right Time540 km
27Bhalumaska06:2306:25Right Time550 km
28Lelligumma06:4506:47Right Time567 km
29Rauli07:1007:12Right Time583 km
30Tikiri07:2807:30Right Time596 km
31Singaram07:4307:45Right Time605 km
32Lakshmipur Road08:0308:05Right Time618 km
33Kakiriguma08:2308:25Right Time633 km
34Baiguda08:4008:42Right Time645 km
35Damanjodi09:0009:02Right Time660 km
36Dumuriput09:1509:17Right Time668 km
37Koraput Jn09:5010:10Right Time679 km
38Jeypore11:1811:20Right Time720 km
39Charamula Kusumi11:5011:52Right Time741 km
40Kotapar Road12:0612:08Right Time753 km
41Jagdalpur13:40Right Time785 km