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51832 AGC JHS PASS Running status

Arrival09:45 Right Time
Departure09:47 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated21 Oct 2018 2:15
1Agra Cantt06:00Right TimeYet to start
2Bhandai06:1206:13Right Time10 km
3Jajau06:2606:27Right Time26 km
4Mania06:4006:41Right Time40 km
5Dhaulpur07:0107:02Right Time52 km
6Hetampur07:1707:19Right Time66 km
7Sikroda Kwanri07:2507:27Right Time71 km
8Morena07:3507:37Right Time80 km
9Sank07:4607:48Right Time90 km
10Nurabad07:5307:54Right Time93 km
11Banmore08:0108:03Right Time99 km
12Rayaru08:1008:12Right Time105 km
13Birlanagar08:2108:23Right Time116 km
14Gwalior Jn08:3308:38Right Time118 km
15Sithouli08:4808:50Right Time127 km
16Sandalpur09:0009:01Right Time134 km
17Antri09:0809:10Right Time140 km
18Anantpaith09:1909:21Right Time151 km
19Simariatal09:2609:27Right Time155 km
20Dabra09:3409:36Right Time160 km
21Kotra09:4509:47Right Time170 km
22Sonagir09:5609:58Right Time180 km
23Datia10:1410:16Right Time191 km
24Karari10:4510:47Right Time204 km
25Jhansi Jn11:25Right Time216 km