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52951 DVA JND PASS M G Running status

Arrival12:03 Right Time
Departure12:04 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated19 Nov 2018 10:15
1Delvada11:30Right TimeYet to start
2Una Gujrat11:3911:40Right Time5 km
3Gir Gadhara12:0312:04Right Time21 km
4Hadmadiya12:1912:20Right Time30 km
5Jamwala12:3412:35Right Time39 km
6Valadar12:4712:48Right Time46 km
7Prachi Road Jn13:0013:10Right Time50 km
8Gir Hadmatiya13:2513:26Right Time57 km
9Jambur13:3713:38Right Time63 km
10Talala Jn13:5214:15Right Time70 km
11Chitrawad14:3214:33Right Time78 km
12Sasan Gir14:5414:55Right Time88 km
13Kansiya Nes15:2415:25Right Time101 km
14Satadhar15:4515:46Right Time110 km
15Visavadar16:0016:02Right Time118 km
16Junichavand16:1616:17Right Time127 km
17Bilkha16:2416:25Right Time138 km
18Torniya16:3516:36Right Time144 km
19Junagadh Jn17:10Right Time160 km