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55901 LMG TSK PASS Running status

Arrival11:15 Right Time
Departure11:17 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated14 Jan 2019 2:15
1Lumding Jn06:30Right TimeYet to start
2Bar Longfer06:4006:45Right Time6 km
3Langcholiet06:5306:55Right Time13 km
4Nailalung07:1107:13Right Time22 km
5Diphu07:2507:30Right Time32 km
6Daldali07:4407:46Right Time42 km
7Dhansiri08:0008:02Right Time50 km
8Rangapahar08:1108:13Right Time57 km
9Rangaphar Crossing08:2108:23Right Time63 km
10Dimapur08:3008:40Right Time69 km
11Khotkhoti08:5208:54Right Time75 km
12Bokajan09:3209:37Right Time83 km
13Chongajan09:4509:47Right Time89 km
14Naojan09:5509:57Right Time96 km
15Sarupathar10:0810:13Right Time105 km
16Barpathar10:2810:33Right Time115 km
17Bhilgaon10:4310:45Right Time122 km
18Jamguri10:5811:00Right Time129 km
19Oating11:1511:17Right Time135 km
20Furkating Jn11:4011:45Right Time139 km
21Kamarbandha Ali12:0012:02Right Time148 km
22Chakiting12:3412:36Right Time153 km
23Titabar12:4712:49Right Time164 km
24Kharikatia13:2013:22Right Time171 km
25Mariani Jn13:3513:45Right Time177 km
26Nakachari14:0314:05Right Time187 km
27Lahing14:1314:15Right Time193 km
28Selenghat14:2314:25Right Time200 km
29Amguri14:3314:38Right Time205 km
30Namtiali14:5014:52Right Time216 km
31Mezenga15:0115:03Right Time223 km
32Nazira15:1015:12Right Time227 km
33Simaluguri Jn15:2015:25Right Time231 km
34Mahutgaon15:3415:36Right Time238 km
35Lakwa15:4515:47Right Time245 km
36Safrai15:5816:00Right Time255 km
37Bhojo16:1116:16Right Time265 km
38Longpatia16:2416:26Right Time272 km
39Sapekhati16:3616:41Right Time279 km
40Barua Nagar16:5016:52Right Time285 km
41Borhat17:0517:10Right Time292 km
42Namrup17:2017:25Right Time297 km
43Balimara17:3617:38Right Time302 km
44Naharkatiya17:5017:55Right Time309 km
45Duliajan18:1018:15Right Time317 km
46Bordubi Road18:2218:24Right Time321 km
47Charali18:3318:35Right Time328 km
48New Tinsukia19:2019:35Right Time334 km
49Tinsukia Jn20:00Right Time336 km