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Chennai Central (MAS) to Ambattur (ABU) Trains

from Chennai Central to Ambattur
43001MAS AVD LOCAL00.1500.4100.26hr
43501MAS TRT LOCAL04.0004.2600.26hr
43101MAS PRES LOCAL04.1504.4100.26hr
43201MAS TRL LOCAL04.3004.5600.26hr
43103MAS PRES LOCAL05.0005.2600.26hr
43203MAS TRL LOCAL05.1505.4100.26hr
43401MAS AJJ FAST05.3005.4900.19hr
43205MAS TRL LOCAL05.5506.2100.26hr
43403MAS AJJ LOCAL06.0006.2600.26hr
43105MAS PRES LOCAL06.2006.4600.26hr
43405MAS AJJ LOCAL06.4507.1100.26hr
43207MAS TRL LOCAL06.5007.1600.26hr
43503MAS TRT LOCAL07.0507.3100.26hr
66015MAS AJJ MEMU07.2007.4600.26hr
43107MAS PRES LOCAL07.2507.5100.26hr
43209MAS TRL LOCAL07.4508.1100.26hr
43003MAS AVD LOCAL07.5008.1600.26hr
43211MAS TRL LOCAL08.0508.3100.26hr
43407MAS AJJ LOCAL08.2008.4600.26hr
43213MAS TRL LOCAL08.4009.0600.26hr
43005MAS AVD LOCAL08.5509.2100.26hr
43007MAS AVD LOCAL09.0009.2600.26hr
43409MAS AJJ LOCAL09.1009.3600.26hr
43215MAS TRL LOCAL09.1509.4100.26hr
43009MAS AVD LOCAL09.2509.5100.26hr
43217MAS TRL LOCAL09.3009.5600.26hr
43219MAS TRL LOCAL09.4510.1200.27hr
43505MAS TRT LOCAL10.0010.2600.26hr
43011MAS AVD LOCAL10.0510.3100.26hr
43013MAS AVD LOCAL10.1510.4100.26hr
43901MAS KBT LOCAL10.3010.5600.26hr
43015MAS AVD LOCAL10.4511.1100.26hr
MT1MAS TRL LOCAL SPL10.5511.2100.26hr
43411MAS AJJ LOCAL11.0511.3100.26hr
43109MAS PRES LOCAL11.1511.4200.27hr
43221MAS TRL LOCAL11.3011.5600.26hr
43507MAS TRT LOCAL11.4512.1100.26hr
43903MAS KBT LOCAL12.0012.2600.26hr
43223MAS TRL LOCAL12.1012.3600.26hr
43111MAS PRES LOCAL12.2012.4600.26hr
43017MAS AVD LOCAL12.3513.0100.26hr
43413MAS AJJ LOCAL12.5013.1600.26hr
43113MAS PRES LOCAL13.0013.2600.26hr
43225MAS TRL LOCAL13.2013.4600.26hr
MAD1MAS AVD LOCAL SPL13.3514.0100.26hr
43415MAS AJJ LOCAL13.4014.0600.26hr
43227MAS TRL LOCAL14.0014.2600.26hr
66051MAS AVD LOCAL14.0514.3100.26hr
43509MAS TRT LOCAL14.2014.4600.26hr
43229MAS TRL LOCAL14.4015.0600.26hr
43231MAS TRL LOCAL15.0015.2600.26hr
43115MAS PRES LOCAL15.0515.3100.26hr
MAD3MAS AVD LOCAL SPL15.2015.4600.26hr
43511MAS TRT LOCAL15.3015.5600.26hr
43233MAS TRL LOCAL15.4516.1100.26hr
66011MAS AJJ LOCAL15.5016.1600.26hr
43419MAS AJJ LOCAL16.0016.2600.26hr
43117MAS PRES LOCAL16.1016.3600.26hr
43235MAS TRL LOCAL16.3016.5600.26hr
43421MAS AJJ LOCAL16.4517.1100.26hr
43237MAS TRT LOCAL16.5517.2100.26hr
43423MAS AJJ LOCAL17.1517.4100.26hr
43239MAS TRL LOCAL17.2517.5100.26hr
43513MAS TRT LOCAL17.4018.0600.26hr
66013MAS AJJ FAST17.4518.0400.19hr
43241MAS TRL LOCAL17.5518.2100.26hr
43427MAS AJJ LOCAL18.0518.3100.26hr
43119MAS PRES LOCAL18.1518.4100.26hr
43243MAS TRL LOCAL18.3018.5600.26hr
43429MAS AJJ LOCAL18.4019.0600.26hr
43245MAS TRL LOCAL18.5019.1600.26hr
43515MAS TRT LOCAL19.0019.2600.26hr
43121MAS PRES LOCAL19.1519.4100.26hr
43431MAS AJJ FAST19.3019.4900.19hr
43433MAS AJJ LOCAL19.4520.1200.27hr
43247MAS TRL LOCAL20.0020.2600.26hr
43435MAS AJJ FAST20.1020.2900.19hr
43517MAS TRT LOCAL20.2020.4600.26hr
43123MAS PRES LOCAL20.3020.5600.26hr
66001MAS TRL LOCAL20.4021.0600.26hr
43251MAS TRL LOCAL20.5521.2100.26hr
66003MAS AVD LOCAL21.0521.3100.26hr
43437MAS AJJ LOCAL21.1521.4100.26hr
43125MAS PRES LOCAL21.2521.5100.26hr
43253MAS TRL LOCAL21.4022.0600.26hr
66005MAS AVD LOCAL21.5022.1600.26hr
43025MAS AVD LOCAL22.0022.2600.26hr
43439MAS AJJ LOCAL22.1022.3600.26hr
43127MAS PRES LOCAL22.3523.0100.26hr
66009MAS AJJ LOCAL22.4523.1100.26hr
66007MAS AVD LOCAL23.0023.2600.26hr
43255MAS TRL LOCAL23.1023.3600.26hr
43029MAS AVD LOCAL23.2523.5100.26hr
43257MAS TRL LOCAL23.4500.1100.26hr
from Chennai Beach Jn to Ambattur
43801MSB AJJ LOCAL01.2001.5400.34hr
43803MSB AJJ LOCAL04.2004.5400.34hr
43701MSB TRL LOCAL05.3006.0400.34hr
43761VLCY TRL LOCAL06.1506.4900.34hr
43651VLCY AVD LOCAL06.5007.2400.34hr
43653VLCY AVD LOCAL08.1008.4400.34hr
43791VLCY PRES LOCAL09.1009.4400.34hr
43763VLCY TRL LOCAL09.5010.2400.34hr
43793VLCY PRES LOCAL10.0510.3900.34hr
BA1MSB AJJ LOCAL SPL10.3011.0400.34hr
43655VLCY AVD LOCAL11.1011.4400.34hr
43941VLCY TRT LOCAL12.1012.4400.34hr
43765VLCY TRL LOCAL13.0513.3900.34hr
43795VLCY PRES LOCAL13.5014.2300.33hr
43931VLCY AJJ LOCAL14.2514.5900.34hr
43767VLCY TRL LOCAL15.3016.0400.34hr
66053MSB TRL LOCAL16.4017.1400.34hr
43797VLCY PRES LOCAL17.2517.5500.30hr
43769VLCY TRL LOCAL17.4018.1400.34hr
66017MSB VLR MEMU FAST18.0018.2900.29hr
43933VLCY AJJ LADIES LOCAL18.0518.3900.34hr
43943VLCY TRT FAST18.2518.4900.24hr
43771VLCY TRL LOCAL19.1019.4400.34hr
43607MSB AVD LOCAL19.3520.0900.34hr
43773VLCY TRL LOCAL19.5020.2400.34hr
43657VLCY AVD LOCAL20.2020.5400.34hr
43659VLCY AVD LOCAL21.2521.5900.34hr
43661VLCY AVD LOCAL21.4522.1900.34hr
43663VLCY AVD LOCAL23.1523.4800.33hr
from Perambur to Ambattur
43861ENR TRL LOCAL07.0707.2300.16hr
43851PON TRL LOCAL16.3616.5200.16hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Chennai Central and Ambattur?
    There are 125 trains beween Chennai Central and Ambattur.
  2. When does the first train leave from Chennai Central?
    The first train from Chennai Central to Ambattur is Chennai Central Avadi LOCAL (43001) departs at 00.15 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Chennai Central?
    The first train from Chennai Central to Ambattur is Chennai Central Tiruvallur LOCAL (43257) departs at 23.45 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Ambattur and its timing?
    The fastest train from Chennai Central to Ambattur is Ennore Tiruvallur LOCAL (43861) departs at 07.07 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 10km in 00.16 hrs.