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Minjur (MJR) to Chennai Central (MAS) Trains

from Minjur
42002GPD MAS LOCAL03.15Chennai Central04.1000.55hr
42004GPD MAS LOCAL04.30Chennai Central05.3001.00hr
42006GPD MAS LOCAL05.25Chennai Central06.3501.10hr
42008GPD MAS LOCAL05.50Chennai Central06.5001.00hr
42010GPD MAS LOCAL06.20Chennai Central07.2001.00hr
42402SPE MAS LOCAL06.53Chennai Central08.0001.07hr
42752PON VLCY LOCAL07.14Chennai Beach Jn08.0500.51hr
42012GPD MAS LOCAL07.25Chennai Central08.3501.10hr
42404SPM MAS LOCAL07.49Chennai Central08.5001.01hr
42302PON MAS LOCAL08.13Chennai Central09.1501.02hr
42014GPD MAS LOCAL08.25Chennai Central09.3501.10hr
42852SPE VLCY LOCAL08.37Chennai Beach Jn09.4501.08hr
42016GPD MAS LOCAL08.55Chennai Central10.0001.05hr
42652GPD VLCY LOCAL09.20Chennai Beach Jn10.2501.05hr
57240BTTR MAS PASS10.15Chennai Central12.3502.20hr
42018GPD MAS LOCAL10.20Chennai Central11.2001.00hr
42406SPE MAS LOCAL11.03Chennai Central12.1001.07hr
42020GPD MAS LOCAL11.20Chennai Central12.2001.00hr
42022GPD MAS LOCAL11.50Chennai Central12.5001.00hr
42408SPE MAS LOCAL12.25Chennai Central13.2000.55hr
66026SPE MAS LOCAL13.04Chennai Central14.0000.56hr
42024GPD MAS LOCAL13.25Chennai Central14.2501.00hr
42026GPD MAS LOCAL14.05Chennai Central15.0501.00hr
42412SPE MAS LOCAL14.28Chennai Central15.3001.02hr
42028GPD MAS LOCAL15.10Chennai Central16.1501.05hr
42030GPD MAS LOCAL15.45Chennai Central16.4501.00hr
43851PON TRL LOCAL15.53Perambur16.3500.42hr
42032GPD MAS LOCAL16.10Chennai Central17.1001.00hr
42414SPE MAS LOCAL16.28Chennai Central17.4001.12hr
42654GPD VLCY LOCAL17.00Korukkupet17.3000.30hr
42034GPD MAS LOCAL17.30Chennai Central18.2500.55hr
42036GPD MAS LOCAL17.58Chennai Central18.5500.57hr
42854SPE VLCY LOCAL18.22Chennai Beach Jn19.3001.08hr
42038GPD MAS LOCAL18.39Chennai Central19.3500.56hr
42040GPD MAS LOCAL19.09Chennai Central20.0500.56hr
42416SPE MAS LOCAL19.32Chennai Central20.2500.53hr
66036SPE MAS MEMU19.42Chennai Central20.4501.03hr
42042GPD MAS LOCAL20.00Chennai Central21.0001.00hr
42044GPD MAS LOCAL20.40Chennai Central21.3500.55hr
42656GPD VLCY LOCAL20.50Chennai Beach Jn21.5501.05hr
66028SPE MAS LOCAL21.03Chennai Central21.5500.52hr
42420SPE MAS LOCAL21.33Chennai Central22.3501.02hr
42608GPD MSB LOCAL22.10Chennai Beach Jn23.1501.05hr
42046GPD MAS LOCAL22.20Chennai Central23.2501.05hr
42422SPE MAS LOCAL22.48Chennai Central23.5501.07hr

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run between Minjur and Chennai Central?
    There are 45 trains beween Minjur and Chennai Central.
  2. When does the first train leave from Minjur?
    The first train from Minjur to Chennai Central is Gummidipundi Chennai Central LOCAL (42002) departs at 03.15 and train runs daily.
  3. When does the last train leave from Minjur?
    The first train from Minjur to Chennai Central is Sullurupeta Chennai Central LOCAL (42422) departs at 22.48 and train runs daily.
  4. Which is the fastest train to Chennai Central and its timing?
    The fastest train from Minjur to Chennai Central is Gummidipundi Velachery LOCAL (42654) departs at 17.00 and train runs daily. It covers the distance of 23km in 00.30 hrs.