15910, AVADH ASSAM EXP 10.00DLI 07.45LKO 17.45Get
14258, KASHI V EXPRESS 10.00NDLS* 11.35LKO 21.35Get
15026, ANVT MAU EXP 07.55ANVT* 12.55LKO 20.50Get
12392, SHRAMJEVI N EXP 08.05NDLS* 13.10LKO 21.15Get
12566, BIHAR S KRANTI 07.30NDLS* 14.15LKO 21.45Get
12558, SAPT KRANTI EXP 07.50ANVT* 14.50LKO 22.40Get
15708, ASR KIR EXPRESS 09.05DLI 15.20LKO 00.25Get
15280, POORABIYA EXP 10.00ANDI* 16.00LKO 02.00Get
14014, SULTANPUR EXP 11.10DLI* 16.15LKO 03.25Get
14206, DLI FD EXP 09.15DLI* 18.35LKO 03.50Get
12226, KAIFIYAT EXP 07.45DLI* 19.15LJN 03.00Get
12554, VAISHALI EXP 07.55NDLS* 19.50LJN 03.45Get
14208, PADMAVAT EXPRES 08.30DLI* 19.50LKO 04.20Get
12556, GORAKDAM EXPRES 08.20NDLS 20.25LKO 04.45Get
15716, GARIB NAWAJ EXP 08.35DLI 20.40LKO 05.15Get
14650, SARYUYAMUNA EXP 08.55DLI 21.15LKO 06.10Get
13414, FARKKA EXPRESS 09.35DLI* 21.45LKO 07.20Get
12230, LUCKNOW MAIL 08.40NDLS* 22.05LKO* 06.45Get
Not on 22-Dec having Sleeper class22/12
19403, SULTANPUR EXP, 24-Dec 08.55DLI 00.35LKO 09.30
12876, NEELACHAL EXP, 23-Dec 07.40NDLS* 06.25LKO 14.05
04932, DLI BSB SPL, 23-Dec 09.50DLI* 13.20LKO 23.10
15116, DLI CPR EXP, 28-Dec 12.05DLI* 13.55LKO 02.00
12524, NDLS NJP SF EXP, 24-Dec 08.30NDLS* 15.05LKO 23.35
19601, UDZ NJP EXP, 27-Dec 08.30DLI 15.05LKO 23.35
12372, JSM HWH SF EXP, 25-Dec 08.30DLI 15.05LKO 23.35
19407, ADI VARANASI EX, 26-Dec 08.30DLI 15.05LKO 23.35
14008, SADHBHAWNA EXP, 23-Dec 11.10DLI* 16.15LKO 03.25
14016, SADHBHAWNA EXP, 26-Dec 11.10DLI* 16.15LKO 03.25
14018, SADBHAVNA EXP, 24-Dec 11.10DLI* 16.15LKO 03.25
05058, ANVT GKP SPL, 24-Dec 08.50ANVT* 17.10LKO 02.00
14004, NDLS MLDT EXP, 25-Dec 08.30NDLS* 17.55LKO 02.25
13120, DLI SDAH EXP, 23-Dec 08.30DLI* 17.55LKO 02.25
19269, PBR MOTIHARI EX, 26-Dec 08.35DLI 20.40LKO 05.15
14674, SHAHEED EXP, 23-Dec 08.55DLI 21.15LKO 06.10
13484, FARAKKA EXPRESS, 23-Dec 09.35DLI* 21.45LKO 07.20
Trains not having Sleeper class22/12
12004, LJN SWRAN SHTBD 06.30NDLS* 06.10LJN* 12.40Y
12436, NDLS DBRT RJDHN, 25-Dec 08.00NDLS* 09.25LKO 17.25
12236, NDLS DBRG RJDHN, 23-Dec 08.00NDLS* 09.25LKO 17.25
12204, SHC GARIB RATH, 24-Dec 07.30NDLS 11.10LKO 18.40
12420, GOMTI EXPRESS 09.00NDLS* 12.25LKO* 21.25Y
22408, BSB GARIB RATH 08.10ANVT* 18.15LKO 02.25Y
12212, MFP GARIB RATH, 24-Dec 08.20ANVT* 20.55LKO 05.15
12430, NDLS LKO RAJ 08.05NDLS* 23.25LKO* 07.30Y
Legends for Seats Status
*First or Last Station
00Seat Available
WLWaiting List
RACReservation Against Cancellation
CDCharting Done
GetClick to get Seats
NANot Available
SCStation stoppage canceled
TCTrain canceled
TDTrain Departed
YTrain runs on the day
To Stations
LJNLucknow Ne
LKOLucknow Jn