12561, SWATANTRA S EXP 05.30BSB 00.40CNB 06.10Get
13007, U ABHATOOFAN EX 05.45MGS 02.40CNB 08.25Get
15004, CHAURICHAURAEXP 06.55BSB 04.50CNB 11.45Get
12815, NANDAN KANAN EX 04.50MGS 05.20CNB 10.10Get
15483, MAHANANDA EXP 06.30MGS 05.45CNB 12.15Get
12311, HWH DLI KLK MAI 05.57MGS 06.38CNB 12.35Get
12505, NORTH EAST EXP 05.25MGS 07.20CNB 12.45Get
12825, JHRKHND S KRANT 04.33MGS 09.07CNB 13.40Get
12938, GARBHA EXPRESS 04.38MGS 09.22CNB 14.00Get
12487, SEEMANCHAL EXP 04.53MGS 09.37CNB 14.30Get
22487, RDP ANVT LINK E 04.53MGS 09.37CNB 14.30Get
12987, SDAH AJMER EXP 04.40MGS 09.50CNB 14.30Get
12307, HWH JU EXPRESS 04.58MGS 10.07CNB 15.05Get
15636, DWARKA EXPRESS 09.10BSB 10.10CNB 19.20Get
13413, FARAKKA EXPRESS 09.45BSB 11.20CNB 21.05Get
19168, SABARMATI EXP 11.07BSB* 13.55CNB 01.02Get
13131, KOAA ANVT EXP 08.48MGS 14.17CNB 23.05Get
14005, LICHCHAVI EXP 07.40BSB 14.45CNB 22.25Get
13237, PNBE KOTA EXP 08.40BSB 16.40CNB 01.20Get
14055, BRAHMPUTRA MAIL 05.38MGS 16.57CNB 22.35Get
12801, PURUSHOTTAM EXP 04.35MGS 17.25CNB 22.00Get
12397, MAHABODHI EXP 04.28MGS 17.47CNB 22.15Get
14863, MARUDHAR EXPRES 07.40BSB* 18.15CNB 01.55Get
12559, SHIV GANGA EXP 06.00MUV* 19.30CNB 01.30Get
12303, POORVA EXPRESS 04.18MGS 19.47CNB 00.05Get
12401, MAGADH EXPRESS 05.03MGS 22.17CNB 03.20Get
Not on 23-Dec having Sleeper class23/12
12315, ANNANYA EXPRES, 26-Dec 04.40MGS 02.05CNB 06.45
12817, JHARKHAND SJ EX, 25-Dec 05.05MGS 02.15CNB 07.20
12942, PARASNATH EXP, 26-Dec 04.38MGS 03.22CNB 08.00
12948, AZIMABAD EXPRES, 25-Dec 04.38MGS 03.22CNB 08.00
12323, HWH NDLS EXPRES, 24-Dec 04.50MGS 05.20CNB 10.10
12875, NEELACHAL EXP, 24-Dec 07.42BSB 07.38CNB 15.20
22805, BBS NDLS SUP EX, 28-Dec 04.38MGS 09.07CNB 13.45
15632, GHY BME BKN EXP, 26-Dec 04.38MGS 09.22CNB 14.00
12496, PRATAP EXPRESS, 27-Dec 04.38MGS 09.22CNB 14.00
18631, RNC GARIBNWAZ E, 26-Dec 05.40BSB 09.45CNB 15.25
15668, KYQ GIMB EXPRES, 25-Dec 09.10BSB 10.10CNB 19.20
13483, FARAKKA EXPRESS, 24-Dec 09.45BSB 11.20CNB 21.05
19314, INDORE EXPRESS, 26-Dec 08.30BSB 16.00CNB 00.30
19322, RJPB INDB EXPRE, 29-Dec 08.30BSB 16.00CNB 00.30
13239, PNBE KOTA EXP, 24-Dec 08.40BSB 16.40CNB 01.20
14853, MARUDHAR EXPRES, 24-Dec 08.35BSB* 17.20CNB 01.55
14865, MARUDHAR EXPRES, 25-Dec 07.40BSB* 18.15CNB 01.55
12381, POORVA EXPRESS, 24-Dec 05.18BSB 18.47CNB 00.05
19570, BSB OKHA EXP, 27-Dec 05.50BSB* 22.00CNB 03.50
11105, PRATHAM S S EXP, 28-Dec 04.36MGS 23.09CNB 03.45
12395, IBADAT EXPRESS, 24-Dec 04.26MGS 23.09CNB 03.35
12319, KOAA AGC EXPRES, 24-Dec 04.33MGS 23.17CNB 03.50
12443, HLZ ANVT WKLY S, 25-Dec 04.33MGS 23.17CNB 03.50
13167, KOAA AGC EXPRES, 25-Dec 07.52BSB 23.58CNB 07.50
Trains not having Sleeper class23/12
12305, KOLKATA RJDHNI, 29-Dec 03.50MGS 00.55CNB 04.45
12301, KOLKATA RAJDHNI 03.48MGS 00.57CNB 04.45Y
12423, DBRT RAJDHANI E 03.53MGS 01.07CNB 05.00Y
12313, SDAH RAJDHANIEX 03.53MGS 01.17CNB 05.10Y
22823, BBS RAJDHANI EX 03.53MGS 01.27CNB 05.20Y
22811, BBS RAJDHANI EX, 25-Dec 03.53MGS 01.27CNB 05.20
12439, RNC NDLS RAJ EX, 25-Dec 03.48MGS 01.57CNB 05.45
12453, RNC NDLS RAJ EX, 26-Dec 03.48MGS 01.57CNB 05.45
12877, RNC GARIB RATH 03.48MGS 01.57CNB 05.45Y
12249, HWH NDLS YUVA E, 28-Dec 03.48MGS 02.32CNB 06.20
24227, VARUNA EXPRESS 06.45BSB* 04.50CNB* 11.35Y
25632, GHY BKN LINK EXP, 26-Dec 04.38MGS 09.22CNB 14.00
22307, MTD BKN LINK EXP 04.53MGS 10.07CNB 15.00Y
12309, RJPB RAJDHANI 03.55MGS 22.35CNB 02.30Y
12569, JYG ANVT G RATH, 26-Dec 03.55MGS 23.00CNB 02.55
22405, BGP GARIB RATH 03.55MGS 23.00CNB 02.55Y
22409, ANVT GARIB RATH, 28-Dec 04.33MGS 23.17CNB 03.50
Legends for Seats Status
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00Seat Available
WLWaiting List
RACReservation Against Cancellation
CDCharting Done
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NANot Available
SCStation stoppage canceled
TCTrain canceled
TDTrain Departed
YTrain runs on the day
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