Funniest name of Indian railway station

2018-02-01 16:13Funniest name of Indian railway station
Funniest name of Indian railway station

Travelling by train is often one of the best ways to explore a new country. Now imagine you are on a railway station and you have to read the name ‘Venkatanarasimharajuvariipeta’ Alright! I got it, it’s difficult. But isn’t it interesting to know that there are a lot of places with this type of funny names for the stations. Well this time if you are planning to travel by train, then you should definitely check out the name of these station with funny names. Here’s a list of unusually named train stations in the country that will leave you in splits of laughter.

1. Kala Bakra, Jalandhar

Kala Bakra railway station takes its name from a small village in Punjab. The name means "black goat" in Hindi. We’re not sure if this is a reference to the colour of goats from this region or something more sinister.

2. Divine Nagar, Kerala

The railway station connects to the nearby Christian mission called the Divine Retreat Center, which hosts spiritual retreats for pilgrims from around the world. The mission also operates homes for the aged, the destitute, the mentally challenged and patients who have HIV/AIDS. It’s Certainly a well-named station for a worthy cause.

3. Chinchpokli, Mumbai

Located in the heart of South-central Mumbai, this station’s name is an amalgamation of the Marathi words chinch (“tamarind”) and pokli (“betel nut”). The name apparently comes from the tamarind trees that used to grow in this area.

4. Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta, Andhra Pradesh

The name of this border town in Andhra Pradesh is quite a mouthful. At 28 letters, it holds the distinction of having the longest name of any railway station in India. In some cases, the prefix “Sri” (a title for veneration) is added to the name bringing its length to a staggering 31 letters!

5. Gubbi, Karnataka

Gubbi is a small town near Bangalore, Karnataka. This cute name has several different meanings in local languages. In the state’s predominant language of Kannada, it means “sparrow”. In the Konkani dialect spoken in coastal regions of Karnataka however, it means “button”.

6. IB, Orissa

IB is a junction located in Orissa and is the shortest railway station name in India. Don’t misinterpret it for Intelligence Bureau!!

7. Erode, Tamil Nadu

This city in Tamil Nadu has two possible origins behind its name. The Tamil phrase Eru Odai meaning “two streams” could refer to the two irrigation canals Perumpallam and Kalingarayan, which flow through the city; the latter of these was constructed over 700 years ago!

8. Digha, West Bengal

This station name reminds us of the song, 'Dum Dum Digha Digha, Mausam Bhiga Bhiga'!

9. Clutter Buck Ganj, Uttar Pradesh

Sounds like some cluster of words.

10. Singapur Road, Orissa

Why to waste money on an air-ticket to Singapore, if you can visit it by rail?

11. Tung, West Bengal

How does a bell ring? Ting-tong-tung!

12. Lotte Golla Halli, Bangalore

Oh o !! Lotte Gol What ??? Really