Haunted Railway Stations In the World

2018-02-02 12:47Haunted Railway Stations In the World
Haunted Railway Stations In the World

Did you think train stations are boring places where you impatiently wait for your train? Places where everything is dull and dreary, and nothing interesting ever happens? Think again. Here is a list of some sinister railway stations around the world that you should better stay away from, unless you are outrageously adventurous. Because they are haunted!

1. Begunkodor Railway Station, West Bengal

Located in a remote village in West Bengal, this station is reportedly haunted by a white-sari draped spectral, the ghost of a lady who was run over by a train there. She has been seen dancing on the platforms and wandering along the tracks, and the sight has allegedly caused the death of a railway employee. However, these reports were rubbished by the government and the station was reopened in 2009 after being deserted for 42 years.

2. Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station, Kolkata

Also known as the Paradise of Suicide, this metro station has witnessed 70 per cent of all the suicides that take place on metro tracks. Eerie figures appear and vanish in a fraction of a second. Shadows move on the platform on late evenings. Such occurrences are commonly experienced by commuters who travel by the last metro at around 10.30 pm.

3. Caobao Road Subway Station, China

Nine mysterious deaths, trains breaking down inexplicably, commuters pulled by invisible hands to the extent of falling off the platform are just some of them. This station built near a mortuary has experienced many more eerie incidences that can numb your senses even when you hear such tales.

4. Addiscombe Railway Station, England

This place is now closed for tourist. It has been said that, people have seen the ghost of a loco-driver who committed suicide. The ghost has seen on the street adjoining the former station. This former station is situated in the Croydon area of London.

5. Waterfront Station, Canada

To experience really spooky place you need to visit Waterfront Station in Canada. Many people who are regular visitors reported about the apparition activity at the station. Night vigil Guards come across Ghosts and apparitions on the regular basis. The place is really spooky and people avoid visiting this place in night.

6. Panteones Metro Station, Mexico

On the line of 2 of Mexico City's metro service is the now-infamous Panteones station. Its name refers to the two cemeteries situated in the near vicinity. Screams are often heard along the tunnels of the station apart from shadowy figures lurking in and out of dark corners and sounds of footsteps emerging out of walls.

7. Bishan MRT Station, Singapore

This Railway station infamously has witnessed several incidents that can send shivers down the spine. Being located near a centenary, coffin bearers, headless figures, phantom passengers all have been spotted, in or around the station. Perhaps most heart-pounding of all, people have heard footsteps on the roof of moving trains.

8. Macquarie Fields Train Station, Australia

Located in a deserted area of South West Sydney this stations has some really uncanny tales to say. Several people once reported that a teenage girl covered in blood used to make occasional appearances at the platform. Her screams get louder as the night approaches. Ghost Haunting Australia, a paranormal activity investigating authority has also photographed ghostly figures watching them.

9. Union Station, USA

Union Station which is situated in Phoenix, USA. This railway station was closed in 1995, people have seen the ghost of Fred, and he was a poltergeist and he still has offices at the station. as per other employees Fred lives in the attic, where other employees never enter.

10. Connolly Station, Ireland

This daily dwellers and passengers at this railway station in Ireland have witnessed ghastly sightings of soldiers. The station had suffered bomb damage in an attack during the Second World War, reason enough for such sightings. Ghost Hunters are investigating further.