Longest Railway Platforms of India

2018-02-01 17:34Longest Railway Platforms of India
Longest Railway Platforms of India

Indian Railway is the life line of the nation, covers each nook and corner of the country and connects almost every city via the largest network of rail which makes it one of the world’s largest railway network. Indian Railways has 7,112 stations over a route of 65,808 km used by passenger,Goods wagons and freight traffic. Railways of India has divided into several zones and listed its name for world’s longest railway platforms as Gorakhpur Railway Station,Kollam Junction Kerala and Kharagpur railway Platform of West Bengal.

1. Gorakhpur Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh

The North east Gorakhpur Railway Station is located in the city of Gorakhpur in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. On 6 October 2013, Gorakhpur became the world's longest railway platform, after inauguration of the remodelled Gorakhpur Yard, with a stretch of around 1,366.33 m (4,483 ft).

2. Kollam Junction, Kerala

Kollam Junction railway station is one of the oldest railway stations in Kerala and second longest railway platform is India with a length of 1,180.5 m (3,873 ft). The Kollam station is one of the first 100 railway stations in India to provide high-speed Wi-Fi services.

3. Kharagpur Railway Platform, West Bengal

Kharagpur Junction railway station has the world’s third longest railway platform with a length of 1,072.5 metres (3,519 ft). It is one of the fifty highest railway reservation in India and till 2013 Kharagpur was the longest platform in the world.

4. Bilaspur Railway Station, Chhattisgarh

Railway Station of Bilaspur has the fourth longest railway platform in India and fifth in the world with total length of 802 m (2,631 ft). It is headquarters of South East Central Railway in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh.

5. Jhansi Junction, Uttar Pradesh

Jhansi Junction railway station is one of the busiest and largest railway stations in the city of Jhansi,Uttar Pradesh. The station has a total length of 770 m (2,526 ft) and also features a restaurant, air-conditioned rooms and tourist information offices.

6. Sonepur Railway Station, Bihar

Sonpur Junction railway station has the 10th longest railway Platform in the world with total length of 738 m (2,421 ft). There are 6 platforms at Sonpur Junction and also the city will have India’s longest road-cum-rail bridge called Ganga Rail-Road Bridge.

7. Nabadwip Dham Platform, West Bengal

Nabadwip Dham Station has 3 Railway Stations and one of them has the longest Railway Platform with the total length of 720 m (2,362 ft). Nabadwip Dham Railway Station is located 105 km from Howrah on the Bandel-Katwa Branch Line and has very good railway communication with the state of Assam, Bihar, Orissa and Kolkata.