Steps to book Premium Tatkal Train Tickets

2018-02-01 17:40Steps to book Premium Tatkal Train Tickets
Steps to book Premium Tatkal Train Tickets

Premium Tatkal Train Tickets are like Tatkal Tickets. Booking Premium Tatkal (PT) will be much costlier than Tatkal due to dynamic fare pricing i.e. the ticket price will be varied according to the booking rate & seat available. So if you want to book premium Tatkal train tickets for less money then, checkout the below steps to Premium Tatkal train tickets booking.

Premium Tatkal Ticket Booking steps:

Premium Tatkal train ticket will get opened as like Tatkal Tickets. 10.00 a.m In the morning. It would be better you signed at 9.55 a.m.

1. Log in IRCTC Application with your User name & Password

2. Now select “Plan My Travel”. Enter the From & To Station

3. Now select the Date of Journey & ticket type i.e. where e-ticket/i-ticket

4. Click on Submit button & Trains will be listed out in the table

5. After select the option Premium Tatkal on the radio button. Now the special trains will be listed which has premium Tatkal facility.

6. Select the train & book the ticket faster in order to avoid dynamic pricing. If you have booked at the starting point of time, then ticket rate will be less since you are the first person to book the premium ticket. So book your premium trains as book

7. After selecting train. Fill the Passenger details & pay the money through net banking. Since Credit or debit cards will take some time. Net banking would be processed at higher rate.

8. That’s it you have booked the Premium Tatkal Train Ticket.