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Various methods for train enquiry

  • Indian Railways - you can find route details, fare and seats availablility of reserved trains.
  • NTES - National Train Enquiry System. NTES maintrain the database of most of the trains which run unber Indian Railways.
  • IRCTC - you can check trains between stations. IRCTC only show the trains list which have reservation. Non reserved trains are not displayed.
  • - has the most comprehensive database of every train which runs under Indian Railways. You can search for reserved, unserserved and local trains in single page.

Why it is so much necessary to find out Indian Railways time table?

Have you ever given a thought, what would happen if you were completely unknow of the fact that how long will it take to reach your destination?

It would be a blunder. Just to save you from this, eRail has brought in front of you a unique feature to completely analyze your train route before you start planning your trip. With this you will lack no-where to reach your destination on time and with comfort.

To plan your vacation smartly, safely and time-efficiently it is very much important to check out Indian Railways time table. No one can deny this fact, that in India people simply adore to travel via train and Indian Railways has been managing such a large network spread across the length and breadth of the country efficaciously. The activity of choosing the right train for your travel could be upsetting at point and to get all the information about the trains running in between specific stations, it is always recommended to check train time table as it is 90% possible that because of any circumstances train can get delayed, cancel or get re-schedule., one of the oldest Indian Railway enquiry system assist people in letting know about the list of running trains through the overall route, it also makes everyone aware of the timings related to train arrival and departure. As we all know all trains don't run on daily intervals so it is essential for all to check out the number of days in which trains run and operate to plan trips.

How one can check train schedule live.

If you are confirmed about the train you wish to travel, you can check your train route live like this:

  • Step 1: Put the train name or train number in the search box.
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Find Train’.

You will instantly see your train’s time table live with all required details related to that train i.e. seats availability, timings, route, running schedule etc. You can then go through data thoroughly and make bookings accordingly. With eRail you always get IRCTC Train Time-Table inclusive of all updates and modifications.

In addition, you can also avail its other offerings i.e. check seat availability in trains, route covered by trains, policies, fares, and rules as defined by Indian Railways, changes in the route of the journey or anything, check PNR status live and much more with ease.

With eRail’s railway enquiry service you don’t have to allegedly search on busy IRCTC’s website or message on 139 and wait for their SMS. You can now easily visit or download our mobile-friendly app to make bookings, check updated train route and schedule, know ticket fare, seat availability, trains between station etc. You can completely rely on eRail as it provides genuine and dependable information and the major advantage of the same is that you can even book the tickets at the last minute if the seats are available simply by the convenience of sitting at home or office.

The digitalization has actually enabled availability of trustable information about trains within seconds so be updated, and take advantage of technology to enjoy your travel!