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IRCTC Railway Ticket Cancellation Charges and Refund

Railway Ticket Cancellation Charges

Booking a train ticket in advance and get your reservation confirmed is pretty smart, right?

You search for the trains on your route; you pick the one which is best-fit as per your timing requirements. Luckily, you got the Seat Availability in your desired fare class and booked the ticket.

No wonder, you’ll get it confirmed, if book in advance!

But, what if your plan changes! What would you do of those useless tickets for you?

Well, in such situation, you’ll have any of these two options to go for -

  1. Cancel your ticket, bear the train ticket cancellation charges and get the remaining money refunded.
  2. Forget about your reservations completely.

Obviously, you wouldn’t like to go with the second option. So, bearing railway ticket cancellation charges would be a wise idea at this situation.

To follow the ‘First Come First Serve’ technique effectively, the Indian Railways have set some IRCTC Refund Rules for those who want to get their money refunded after cancelling the tickets.

As per these IRCTC Refund Rules, the people would have different train ticket cancellation charges based on the crucial factors such as –

  • Fare Class
  • Quota
  • Reservation Status
  • Cancellation Time
  • Train Delay (if occurs)

Like, if you have booked your ticket in Tatkal Quota, then the refund will be initiated based on Tatkal Cancellation Charges.

If you’re ticket was confirmed and you had to cancel it, then the refund will be done based on the Confirm Ticket Cancellation Charges rules.

Similarly, for those candidates who book their reservation but their tickets weren’t confirmed at the time of cancellation, their refund policy will be treated under RAC Ticket Cancellation Charges.