Train Seats

Train No / Name

Indian Railways Seats Availablity and Reservation

Following are various types of seats which can be reserved in Indian Railways trains.

2S - Second Sitting

These seats are non-air conditioned. Generally day running trains have this class of reservation.

SL - Sleeper Class

This class is the most popular in Indian Railays. Most of the express train have SL class. This is non-air conditioned class. From 9pm to 6am you can sleep on the berth. During the day lower berths are used for sitting.

CC - Chair Car

3+2 arragement. AC Coach.

EC - Executive chair car

First AC Chair car or Executive Chair car . 2+2 arrangement, more spacious designed especially for business class

EA - Anubhuthi chair car

The Anubhuti coaches are attached in Shatabdi trains as additional executive class and have ergonomically designed seats.

3A - AC three tier

3 beds - Upper , Middle and Lower Beds. AC coach.

2A - AC two tier

2 beds - Upper and Lower beds. AC coach. These seats have higher head room as compared to 3AC seats.

1A - AC first class

Most expensive AC seats, lockable cabin of 2 beds and 4 beds configuration are available for booking. Seat numbers are only alloted after charting.

UR/GEN - Unreserved/General