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11015 KUSHINAGAR EXP Running status

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EExpected22:45 24 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Lokmanyatilak22:45Right TimeYet to start
2Thane23:0223:05Right Time17 km
3Kalyan Jn23:2523:28Right Time37 km
4Kasara00:3300:35Right Time104 km
5Igatpuri01:1501:20Right Time120 km
6Devlali02:0302:05Right Time165 km
7Nasik Road02:1002:15Right Time171 km
8Manmad Jn03:1003:15Right Time244 km
9Nandgaon03:3303:35Right Time269 km
10Chalisgaon Jn04:1304:15Right Time311 km
11Pachora Jn04:4304:45Right Time356 km
12Jalgaon Jn05:1705:20Right Time404 km
13Bhusaval Jn05:5506:05Right Time428 km
14Raver06:3006:32Right Time462 km
15Burhanpur06:4806:50Right Time482 km
16Nepanagar07:0807:10Right Time509 km
17Khandwa08:5509:00Right Time551 km
18Khirkiya09:5009:52Right Time627 km
19Harda10:1510:17Right Time659 km
20Timarni10:3010:32Right Time673 km
21Itarsi Jn11:4511:55Right Time735 km
22Hoshangabad12:1312:15Right Time752 km
23Mandi Dip13:0713:09Right Time804 km
24Habibganj13:2613:28Right Time820 km
25Bhopal Jn13:5013:55Right Time826 km
26Vidisha14:3314:35Right Time880 km
27Ganj Basoda15:0315:05Right Time919 km
28Bina Jn16:2516:30Right Time965 km
29Lalitpur17:2817:30Right Time1027 km
30Babina18:1818:20Right Time1092 km
31Jhansi Jn19:1019:25Right Time1116 km
32Chirgaon19:4819:50Right Time1148 km
33Ait Jn20:3320:35Right Time1205 km
34Orai21:0821:10Right Time1230 km
35Kalpi21:3821:40Right Time1263 km
36Pokhrayan21:5321:55Right Time1277 km
37Bhimsen23:3623:38Right Time1322 km
38Kanpur Central00:1000:20Right Time1335 km
39Unnao Jn00:4200:44Right Time1353 km
40Lucknow01:4501:55Right Time1409 km
41Barabanki Jn02:3802:40Right Time1437 km
42Gonda Jn03:5504:00Right Time1526 km
43Mankapur Jn04:2804:30Right Time1554 km
44Babhnan04:5204:54Right Time1584 km
45Basti05:3005:33Right Time1615 km
46Khalilabad06:0406:06Right Time1645 km
47Gorakhpur07:05Right Time1679 km