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11019 KONARK EXPRESS Running status

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C Shivaji Maharaj T-CSMT
EExpected15:10 28 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update26 May 2018 2:15
Yet to start
1C Shivaji Maharaj T15:10Right TimeYet to start
2Dadar15:2215:25Right Time8 km
3Kalyan Jn16:0516:08Right Time53 km
4Karjat16:4816:50Right Time99 km
5Lonavla17:3717:40Right Time127 km
6Pune Jn19:0019:05Right Time191 km
7Daund Jn20:3520:40Right Time266 km
8Solapur Jn00:1500:25Right Time454 km
9Gulbarga02:3002:33Right Time567 km
10Wadi03:5004:00Right Time604 km
11Seram04:2404:25Right Time641 km
12Tandur04:5404:55Right Time674 km
13Lingampalli06:3906:40Right Time765 km
14Begampet07:0107:02Right Time783 km
15Secunderabad Jn07:4508:00Right Time789 km
16Kazipet Jn10:1010:20Right Time929 km
17Warangal10:3110:33Right Time949 km
18Mahbubabad11:2711:28Right Time1009 km
19Khammam12:0312:05Right Time1056 km
20Madhira12:3112:32Right Time1101 km
21Vijayawada Jn13:5014:05Right Time1150 km
22Eluru14:5314:55Right Time1209 km
23Tadepalligudem15:2915:30Right Time1257 km
24Nidadavolu Jn15:4915:50Right Time1277 km
25Rajamundry16:3016:32Right Time1299 km
26Samalkot Jn17:0917:10Right Time1349 km
27Tuni17:5417:55Right Time1403 km
28Anakapalle19:1919:20Right Time1467 km
29Visakhapatnam20:5021:10Right Time1500 km
30Vizianagram Jn22:0522:10Right Time1561 km
31Srikakulam Road23:0523:07Right Time1630 km
32Palasa00:1800:20Right Time1703 km
33Sompeta00:4500:47Right Time1735 km
34Ichchapuram01:0101:03Right Time1753 km
35Brahmapur01:2501:35Right Time1777 km
36Chatrapur01:5001:52Right Time1798 km
37Balugaon02:3502:37Right Time1853 km
38Khurda Road Jn03:4503:50Right Time1924 km
39Bhubaneswar04:15Right Time1943 km