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11027 CHENNAI MAIL Running status

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C Shivaji Maharaj T-CSMT
EExpected23:45 28 May 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update26 May 2018 2:15
Yet to start
1C Shivaji Maharaj T23:45Right TimeYet to start
2Dadar23:5223:55Right Time8 km
3Kalyan Jn00:3700:40Right Time53 km
4Karjat01:2301:25Right Time99 km
5Lonavla02:0702:10Right Time127 km
6Khadki02:5803:00Right Time185 km
7Pune Jn03:2503:35Right Time191 km
8Daund Jn04:5505:05Right Time266 km
9Bhigvan05:2805:30Right Time294 km
10Jeur06:2806:30Right Time341 km
11Kem06:4806:50Right Time357 km
12Kurduvadi08:0008:02Right Time375 km
13Madha08:1808:20Right Time391 km
14Mohol08:4308:45Right Time421 km
15Solapur Jn09:3009:40Right Time454 km
16Hotgi09:5810:00Right Time469 km
17Akalkot Road10:2010:22Right Time489 km
18Dudhani10:4810:50Right Time517 km
19Ganagapur Road11:1311:15Right Time540 km
20Gulbarga11:4511:48Right Time567 km
21Shahabad12:1312:15Right Time593 km
22Wadi12:5012:55Right Time604 km
23Nalwar13:1413:15Right Time617 km
24Yadgir13:3413:35Right Time642 km
25Saidapur13:5413:55Right Time666 km
26Krishna14:1414:15Right Time686 km
27Raichur14:4814:50Right Time711 km
28Matmari15:0915:10Right Time728 km
29Manthralayam Road15:1815:20Right Time739 km
30Kosgi15:3415:35Right Time752 km
31Kupgal15:4915:50Right Time766 km
32Adoni16:1816:20Right Time780 km
33Nagarur16:2916:30Right Time790 km
34Guntakal Jn17:5017:55Right Time832 km
35Gooty Jn18:2418:25Right Time860 km
36Rayalcheruvu18:3918:40Right Time884 km
37Tadipatri18:5919:00Right Time909 km
38Kondapuram19:2919:30Right Time937 km
39Muddanuru19:5419:55Right Time962 km
40Yerraguntla20:1420:15Right Time978 km
41Kamalapuram20:2920:30Right Time993 km
42Cuddapah20:5821:00Right Time1017 km
43Nandalur21:3921:40Right Time1057 km
44Razampeta21:5421:55Right Time1068 km
45Koduru22:1822:20Right Time1101 km
46Renigunta Jn00:2500:30Right Time1142 km
47Puttur00:5801:00Right Time1165 km
48Tiruttani01:2801:30Right Time1197 km
49Arakkonam01:5502:00Right Time1210 km
50Tiruvallur02:2302:25Right Time1237 km
51Perambur02:5302:55Right Time1279 km
52Chennai Central03:30Right Time1285 km