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11040 MAHARASHTRA EXP Running status

Departure08:20 Right Time
Platform 5
Yet to start
Updated20 Aug 2018 2:15
1Gondia Jn08:20Right TimeYet to start
2Tirora08:4308:45Right Time30 km
3Tumsar Road09:0109:03Right Time50 km
4Bhandara Road09:1709:19Right Time68 km
5Kamptee09:5209:54Right Time116 km
6Itwari10:1410:16Right Time126 km
7Nagpur10:4010:50Right Time131 km
8Ajni11:0311:04Right Time133 km
9Sevagram12:0212:03Right Time207 km
10Wardha Jn12:1012:13Right Time209 km
11Pulgaon Jn12:3512:36Right Time239 km
12Dhamangaon12:5312:55Right Time259 km
13Chandur13:1013:12Right Time275 km
14Badnera Jn14:1014:15Right Time305 km
15Murtajapur14:4314:45Right Time346 km
16Akola Jn15:1015:15Right Time383 km
17Shegaon15:4415:45Right Time421 km
18Jalamb Jn15:5415:55Right Time433 km
19Nandura16:0416:05Right Time445 km
20Malkapur16:2816:30Right Time473 km
21Bodwad16:4916:50Right Time493 km
22Varangaon17:0417:05Right Time511 km
23Bhusaval Jn17:4517:50Right Time523 km
24Jalgaon Jn18:1318:15Right Time547 km
25Pachora Jn18:4418:45Right Time595 km
26Chalisgaon Jn19:4219:45Right Time640 km
27Nandgaon20:1420:15Right Time682 km
28Manmad Jn21:0021:05Right Time707 km
29Yeola21:3821:40Right Time735 km
30Kopargaon21:4821:50Right Time749 km
31Puntamba22:3422:35Right Time773 km
32Belapur23:0923:10Right Time793 km
33Ahmadnagar00:3700:42Right Time860 km
34Daund Jn02:4503:00Right Time943 km
35Kedgaon03:2903:30Right Time965 km
36Uruli03:4903:50Right Time990 km
37Pune Jn04:5005:00Right Time1018 km
38Ghorpuri05:0705:08Right Time1021 km
39Jejuri05:5806:00Right Time1076 km
40Nira06:2806:30Right Time1103 km
41Lonand06:3906:40Right Time1111 km
42Wathar07:1407:15Right Time1138 km
43Jarandeshwar07:2907:30Right Time1156 km
44Satara08:0208:05Right Time1164 km
45Koregaon08:1408:15Right Time1175 km
46Rahimatpur08:2908:30Right Time1185 km
47Targaon08:3908:40Right Time1196 km
48Masur08:5408:55Right Time1208 km
49Karad09:1709:20Right Time1222 km
50Bhavani Nagar09:3409:35Right Time1243 km
51Takari09:4409:45Right Time1249 km
52Kirloskarvadi09:5910:00Right Time1257 km
53Bhilavadi10:1410:15Right Time1271 km
54Sangli10:5210:55Right Time1290 km
55Miraj Jn11:1511:20Right Time1298 km
56Jayasingpur11:3411:35Right Time1309 km
57Hatkanagale11:4911:50Right Time1324 km
58Rukadi11:5912:00Right Time1331 km
59Valivade12:0912:10Right Time1338 km
60C Sahumaharaj T Kolhapur13:05Right Time1345 km