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11057 CSMT ASR EXPRES Running status

Departure23:30 Right Time
Platform 15
Yet to start
Updated20 Sep 2018 2:15
1C Shivaji Maharaj T23:30Right TimeYet to start
2Dadar23:4223:45Right Time9 km
3Thane00:0700:10Right Time33 km
4Kalyan Jn00:3000:33Right Time53 km
5Kasara01:3801:40Right Time121 km
6Igatpuri02:1502:20Right Time136 km
7Devlali03:0303:05Right Time181 km
8Nasik Road03:1003:15Right Time187 km
9Manmad Jn04:0204:05Right Time260 km
10Chalisgaon Jn04:5805:00Right Time327 km
11Pachora Jn05:3305:35Right Time372 km
12Jalgaon Jn06:1306:15Right Time420 km
13Bhusaval Jn06:5006:55Right Time444 km
14Savda07:1407:15Right Time460 km
15Nimbhora07:2107:22Right Time469 km
16Raver07:3007:32Right Time478 km
17Burhanpur07:4807:50Right Time499 km
18Nepanagar08:1008:12Right Time525 km
19Khandwa09:2509:30Right Time568 km
20Talvadya09:4509:47Right Time583 km
21Chhanera10:0810:10Right Time613 km
22Khirkiya10:3110:33Right Time644 km
23Harda11:0511:07Right Time675 km
24Timarni11:2011:21Right Time690 km
25Banapura11:4111:42Right Time718 km
26Itarsi Jn12:4512:50Right Time751 km
27Hoshangabad13:0613:08Right Time769 km
28Budni13:1813:19Right Time776 km
29Obaidulla Ganj13:5914:00Right Time807 km
30Mandi Dip14:1414:16Right Time820 km
31Habibganj14:3314:35Right Time837 km
32Bhopal Jn14:5515:05Right Time843 km
33Sanchi15:4215:43Right Time887 km
34Vidisha15:5615:58Right Time896 km
35Gulabganj16:1616:18Right Time917 km
36Ganj Basoda16:3016:32Right Time935 km
37Mandi Bamora16:5616:58Right Time964 km
38Bina Jn17:4017:45Right Time981 km
39Dhaura18:1318:15Right Time1015 km
40Jakhlaun18:2818:30Right Time1027 km
41Lalitpur18:4318:45Right Time1044 km
42Talbahat19:1319:15Right Time1083 km
43Basai19:3619:38Right Time1096 km
44Babina19:5019:52Right Time1108 km
45Jhansi Jn20:3020:40Right Time1132 km
46Datia21:0021:02Right Time1157 km
47Sonagir21:1321:15Right Time1168 km
48Dabra21:3121:33Right Time1187 km
49Gwalior Jn22:1022:15Right Time1229 km
50Morena22:4222:44Right Time1268 km
51Dhaulpur23:2323:25Right Time1295 km
52Agra Cantt00:0500:10Right Time1348 km
53Raja Ki Mandi00:1800:20Right Time1352 km
54Mathura Jn01:0301:08Right Time1401 km
55Kosi Kalan01:3601:38Right Time1443 km
56Palwal02:4802:50Right Time1485 km
57Ballabgarh03:0703:09Right Time1506 km
58Faridabad03:1803:20Right Time1514 km
59Hazrat Nizamuddin03:4103:43Right Time1535 km
60New Delhi04:1504:30Right Time1542 km
61Subzi Mandi04:4604:48Right Time1546 km
62Badli05:0005:02Right Time1557 km
63Narela05:1205:14Right Time1569 km
64Sonipat05:3505:37Right Time1586 km
65Ganaur05:5005:52Right Time1602 km
66Samalkha06:0306:05Right Time1615 km
67Panipat Jn06:2306:25Right Time1632 km
68Gharaunda06:3706:39Right Time1648 km
69Karnal06:5306:55Right Time1666 km
70Taraori07:0807:10Right Time1678 km
71Nilokheri07:1507:17Right Time1682 km
72Kurukshetra Jn07:5207:54Right Time1699 km
73Shahabad Markanda08:2008:22Right Time1721 km
74Ambala Cant Jn09:2009:40Right Time1740 km
75Ambala City09:5209:54Right Time1748 km
76Rajpura Jn10:0910:11Right Time1768 km
77Patiala10:3810:40Right Time1794 km
78Nabha11:1011:12Right Time1819 km
79Dhuri Jn11:4511:50Right Time1846 km
80Malerkotla12:0412:06Right Time1863 km
81Ahmed Garh12:4812:50Right Time1882 km
82Ludhiana Jn13:3513:44Right Time1908 km
83Phillaur Jn13:5814:00Right Time1922 km
84Goraya14:1214:14Right Time1934 km
85Phagwara Jn14:2514:27Right Time1944 km
86Jalandhar Cant14:4314:45Right Time1960 km
87Jalandhar City15:0015:05Right Time1965 km
88Beas15:3915:41Right Time2001 km
89Jandiala15:5916:01Right Time2025 km
90Amritsar Jn16:30Right Time2044 km