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11058 ASR CSTM EXP Running status

Departure08:30 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated16 Jul 2018 2:15
1Amritsar Jn08:30Right TimeYet to start
2Jandiala08:4508:47Right Time19 km
3Beas09:0809:10Right Time42 km
4Kartarpur09:3109:33Right Time64 km
5Jalandhar City10:0510:10Right Time79 km
6Jalandhar Cant10:1810:20Right Time83 km
7Phagwara Jn10:3310:35Right Time100 km
8Goraya10:4510:47Right Time110 km
9Phillaur Jn10:5811:00Right Time122 km
10Ludhiana Jn11:3011:45Right Time135 km
11Ahmed Garh12:2312:25Right Time161 km
12Malerkotla12:4012:42Right Time180 km
13Dhuri Jn13:0113:05Right Time197 km
14Nabha13:2613:28Right Time225 km
15Patiala13:5013:53Right Time250 km
16Rajpura Jn14:3514:37Right Time276 km
17Ambala City14:5614:58Right Time296 km
18Ambala Cant Jn15:2015:50Right Time303 km
19Shahabad Markanda16:0716:09Right Time323 km
20Kurukshetra Jn16:3016:32Right Time345 km
21Nilokheri16:4716:49Right Time362 km
22Taraori16:5616:58Right Time366 km
23Karnal17:1317:15Right Time378 km
24Gharaunda17:3117:33Right Time396 km
25Panipat Jn17:5117:53Right Time412 km
26Samalkha18:0618:08Right Time429 km
27Ganaur18:2118:23Right Time441 km
28Sonipat18:3918:41Right Time457 km
29Rathdhana18:5218:54Right Time468 km
30Narela19:0319:05Right Time475 km
31Adarsh Nagar Delhi19:2319:25Right Time492 km
32Subzi Mandi19:4719:49Right Time498 km
33New Delhi20:2020:45Right Time502 km
34Hazrat Nizamuddin21:0321:05Right Time509 km
35Faridabad21:2321:25Right Time530 km
36Ballabgarh21:4321:45Right Time538 km
37Palwal22:2822:30Right Time559 km
38Kosi Kalan23:0023:02Right Time601 km
39Mathura Jn23:3523:40Right Time642 km
40Raja Ki Mandi00:2100:23Right Time692 km
41Agra Cantt00:3500:40Right Time696 km
42Dhaulpur01:4301:45Right Time749 km
43Morena02:0802:10Right Time776 km
44Gwalior Jn02:5503:00Right Time815 km
45Dabra03:3503:37Right Time857 km
46Sonagir03:5804:00Right Time876 km
47Datia04:1504:17Right Time887 km
48Jhansi Jn04:5005:00Right Time912 km
49Babina05:2505:27Right Time936 km
50Basai05:4105:43Right Time948 km
51Talbahat05:5806:00Right Time961 km
52Lalitpur06:5006:52Right Time1000 km
53Jakhlaun07:0007:02Right Time1017 km
54Dhaura07:1007:12Right Time1028 km
55Bina Jn08:5509:00Right Time1063 km
56Mandi Bamora09:1809:19Right Time1080 km
57Ganj Basoda09:3909:41Right Time1109 km
58Gulabganj09:5809:59Right Time1127 km
59Vidisha10:1410:16Right Time1148 km
60Sanchi10:2810:29Right Time1157 km
61Bhopal Jn11:1011:15Right Time1201 km
62Habibganj11:2711:29Right Time1207 km
63Mandi Dip11:4311:45Right Time1224 km
64Obaidulla Ganj11:5912:00Right Time1237 km
65Budni12:3412:35Right Time1268 km
66Hoshangabad12:4412:46Right Time1275 km
67Itarsi Jn13:1513:25Right Time1293 km
68Banapura13:5113:53Right Time1326 km
69Timarni14:1314:15Right Time1354 km
70Harda14:2814:30Right Time1368 km
71Khirkiya14:5614:58Right Time1400 km
72Chhanera15:2415:26Right Time1431 km
73Talvadya15:4815:50Right Time1461 km
74Khandwa16:4016:45Right Time1476 km
75Nepanagar17:1817:20Right Time1519 km
76Burhanpur17:4317:45Right Time1545 km
77Raver17:5818:00Right Time1565 km
78Nimbhora18:0818:10Right Time1575 km
79Savda18:1818:20Right Time1584 km
80Bhusaval Jn18:4518:55Right Time1600 km
81Jalgaon Jn19:1819:20Right Time1624 km
82Pachora Jn19:5319:55Right Time1671 km
83Chalisgaon Jn21:0021:05Right Time1716 km
84Manmad Jn21:4521:50Right Time1784 km
85Nasik Road22:5523:00Right Time1857 km
86Devlali23:0823:10Right Time1862 km
87Igatpuri00:4000:45Right Time1907 km
88Kalyan Jn02:4202:45Right Time1991 km
89Thane03:0203:05Right Time2011 km
90Dadar03:3203:35Right Time2035 km
91C Shivaji Maharaj T04:05Right Time2044 km