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11072 KAMAYANI EXPRES Running status

Arrival17:36 Right Time
Departure17:38 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated15 Feb 2019 2:15
1Varanasi Jn15:50Right TimeYet to start
2Bhadohi16:2816:30Right Time45 km
3Suriawan16:4716:48Right Time60 km
4Janghai Jn17:0317:05Right Time75 km
5Phulpur17:3617:38Right Time98 km
6Allahabad Jn19:2019:40Right Time135 km
7Naini Jn19:5719:58Right Time142 km
8Dabhaura20:4020:42Right Time218 km
9Manikpur Jn21:3021:35Right Time241 km
10Jaitwar22:1822:20Right Time298 km
11Satna22:3522:45Right Time318 km
12Maihar23:1323:15Right Time353 km
13Katni00:1500:25Right Time416 km
14Bandakpur01:5101:52Right Time513 km
15Damoh02:0502:10Right Time528 km
16Patharia02:3402:35Right Time554 km
17Saugor03:1503:20Right Time605 km
18Khurai04:0804:09Right Time658 km
19Bina Jn05:3005:35Right Time682 km
20Ganj Basoda06:0906:10Right Time728 km
21Vidisha06:3806:40Right Time767 km
22Bhopal Jn07:3507:40Right Time821 km
23Habibganj07:5207:54Right Time827 km
24Hoshangabad09:0209:04Right Time894 km
25Itarsi Jn09:2509:35Right Time912 km
26Harda10:2810:30Right Time988 km
27Khirkiya10:5310:55Right Time1020 km
28Chhanera11:1311:15Right Time1050 km
29Khandwa12:4512:50Right Time1096 km
30Nepanagar13:2613:28Right Time1138 km
31Burhanpur13:4813:50Right Time1165 km
32Raver14:0314:05Right Time1185 km
33Bhusaval Jn14:4014:45Right Time1219 km
34Jalgaon Jn15:0815:10Right Time1243 km
35Pachora Jn15:4115:43Right Time1291 km
36Chalisgaon Jn16:1316:15Right Time1336 km
37Nandgaon16:4916:50Right Time1378 km
38Manmad Jn17:2717:30Right Time1403 km
39Lasalgaon17:5918:00Right Time1428 km
40Nasik Road18:3518:40Right Time1476 km
41Igatpuri20:0520:10Right Time1527 km
42Kalyan Jn21:4721:50Right Time1610 km
43Thane22:1022:13Right Time1630 km
44Lokmanyatilak22:50Right Time1647 km