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11077 JHELUM EXPRESS Running status

Departure17:20 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated20 Sep 2018 2:15
1Pune Jn17:20Right TimeYet to start
2Uruli17:4617:47Right Time28 km
3Daund Jn18:3518:50Right Time75 km
4Ahmadnagar20:2220:25Right Time159 km
5Belapur21:2421:25Right Time226 km
6Kopargaon22:1422:15Right Time270 km
7Manmad Jn23:2023:25Right Time312 km
8Nandgaon23:4323:45Right Time337 km
9Chalisgaon Jn00:1300:15Right Time379 km
10Pachora Jn00:4800:50Right Time424 km
11Jalgaon Jn01:2301:25Right Time471 km
12Bhusaval Jn01:5502:00Right Time496 km
13Burhanpur02:5302:55Right Time550 km
14Khandwa04:2504:30Right Time619 km
15Chhanera05:0305:05Right Time664 km
16Harda05:4505:47Right Time727 km
17Timarni06:0006:01Right Time741 km
18Banapura06:2306:24Right Time769 km
19Itarsi Jn07:0507:15Right Time802 km
20Hoshangabad07:3307:35Right Time820 km
21Habibganj08:3808:40Right Time888 km
22Bhopal Jn09:0509:10Right Time894 km
23Vidisha09:4909:51Right Time947 km
24Ganj Basoda10:1810:20Right Time987 km
25Bina Jn11:1511:20Right Time1032 km
26Dhaura11:4811:50Right Time1067 km
27Lalitpur12:0812:10Right Time1095 km
28Babina12:5813:00Right Time1160 km
29Jhansi Jn13:3713:47Right Time1184 km
30Datia14:0814:10Right Time1208 km
31Dabra14:3114:33Right Time1239 km
32Gwalior Jn15:1515:20Right Time1281 km
33Morena15:4515:47Right Time1319 km
34Dhaulpur16:2216:24Right Time1347 km
35Agra Cantt17:0717:12Right Time1399 km
36Raja Ki Mandi17:2017:22Right Time1403 km
37Mathura Jn18:0018:05Right Time1453 km
38Faridabad19:4819:50Right Time1565 km
39Hazrat Nizamuddin20:2620:28Right Time1586 km
40New Delhi21:0021:15Right Time1594 km
41Subzi Mandi21:2821:30Right Time1597 km
42Narela21:4921:51Right Time1621 km
43Sonipat22:0422:06Right Time1638 km
44Ganaur22:1922:21Right Time1654 km
45Samalkha22:3222:34Right Time1666 km
46Panipat Jn22:5022:52Right Time1683 km
47Gharaunda23:0423:06Right Time1700 km
48Karnal23:2023:22Right Time1717 km
49Taraori23:3223:34Right Time1729 km
50Kurukshetra Jn23:5723:59Right Time1750 km
51Ambala Cant Jn01:3501:45Right Time1792 km
52Ambala City01:5601:58Right Time1799 km
53Rajpura Jn02:1302:15Right Time1820 km
54Sirhind Jn02:3502:37Right Time1845 km
55Khanna02:5202:54Right Time1863 km
56Ludhiana Jn03:4303:52Right Time1906 km
57Phagwara Jn04:2504:27Right Time1941 km
58Jalandhar Cant04:5204:57Right Time1958 km
59Tanda Urmar05:3605:38Right Time2000 km
60Dasua05:5005:55Right Time2015 km
61Mukerian06:1506:17Right Time2031 km
62Pathankot Cantt07:1007:15Right Time2071 km
63Kathua07:5007:52Right Time2094 km
64Hira Nagar08:2108:23Right Time2123 km
65Samba09:0309:05Right Time2137 km
66Vijaypur Jammu09:2709:29Right Time2149 km
67Jammu Tawi10:10Right Time2170 km