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11078 JHELUM EXPRESS Running status

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Jammu Tawi-JAT
EExpected23:15 24 May 2018
PDelayLate 1h 30m
Last Update24 May 2018 18:46
Yet to start
1Jammu Tawi21:45
Late 1h 30mYet to start
2Vijaypur Jammu23:3323:35Late 1h 30m20 km
3Samba23:4823:50Late 1h 28m32 km
4Hira Nagar00:0400:06Late 1h 28m47 km
5Kathua00:3300:35Late 1h 28m76 km
6Pathankot Cantt01:0601:11Late 1h 21m99 km
7Mukerian01:4301:45Late 1h 16m138 km
8Dasua02:0202:04Late 1h 16m154 km
9Jalandhar Cant02:5002:55Late 1h 5m212 km
10Phagwara Jn03:0803:10Late 1h 5m228 km
11Ludhiana Jn03:4103:51Late 36m264 km
12Khanna04:2004:22Late 18m306 km
13Sirhind Jn04:3804:50Late 18m324 km
14Rajpura Jn05:0705:09Late 18m350 km
15Ambala City05:2405:26Late 12m370 km
16Ambala Cant Jn05:4105:51Late 1m377 km
17Shahabad Markanda06:1006:12Late 1m397 km
18Kurukshetra Jn06:3506:37Late 1m419 km
19Taraori06:5506:57Late 1m440 km
20Karnal07:1007:12Right Time452 km
21Gharaunda07:2807:30Right Time470 km
22Panipat Jn07:4707:49Right Time486 km
23Samalkha08:0208:04Right Time503 km
24Ganaur08:1608:18Right Time515 km
25Sonipat08:3308:35Right Time531 km
26Narela08:4908:51Right Time549 km
27Subzi Mandi09:2809:30Right Time572 km
28New Delhi09:5510:15Right Time576 km
29Faridabad10:4310:45Right Time604 km
30Mathura Jn12:3512:40Right Time716 km
31Raja Ki Mandi13:1613:18Right Time766 km
32Agra Cantt13:3013:35Right Time770 km
33Dhaulpur14:3314:35Right Time823 km
34Morena14:5815:00Right Time850 km
35Gwalior Jn15:3115:36Right Time889 km
36Dabra16:0916:11Right Time931 km
37Datia16:3716:39Right Time961 km
38Jhansi Jn17:2017:30Right Time986 km
39Babina17:4817:50Right Time1010 km
40Lalitpur18:3218:34Right Time1074 km
41Dhaura19:1019:12Right Time1102 km
42Bina Jn20:0520:10Right Time1137 km
43Ganj Basoda20:4420:45Right Time1183 km
44Vidisha21:1121:13Right Time1222 km
45Bhopal Jn22:1522:25Right Time1275 km
46Habibganj22:3722:39Right Time1281 km
47Hoshangabad23:4523:47Right Time1349 km
48Itarsi Jn00:1500:20Right Time1367 km
49Banapura00:4600:47Right Time1400 km
50Harda01:1601:18Right Time1442 km
51Chhanera02:0702:09Right Time1505 km
52Khandwa03:2203:25Right Time1550 km
53Burhanpur04:1804:20Right Time1619 km
54Bhusaval Jn05:2005:30Right Time1674 km
55Jalgaon Jn05:5305:55Right Time1698 km
56Pachora Jn06:1806:20Right Time1745 km
57Chalisgaon Jn06:4806:50Right Time1790 km
58Nandgaon07:1807:20Right Time1833 km
59Manmad Jn08:1008:15Right Time1858 km
60Kopargaon09:1309:15Right Time1900 km
61Belapur09:5810:00Right Time1944 km
62Ahmadnagar11:0011:05Right Time2010 km
63Daund Jn12:5513:10Right Time2094 km
64Uruli13:4913:50Right Time2141 km
65Pune Jn15:10Right Time2169 km