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11272 VINDHYACHAL EXP Running status

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Bhopal Jn-BPL
EExpected18:30 26 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Bhopal Jn18:30Right TimeYet to start
2Salamatpur18:5819:00Right Time36 km
3Sanchi19:0719:09Right Time44 km
4Vidisha19:1819:23Right Time53 km
5Gulabganj19:3919:44Right Time74 km
6Ganj Basoda19:5920:01Right Time92 km
7Bareth20:1020:12Right Time102 km
8Kalhar20:2520:27Right Time112 km
9Mandi Bamora20:4320:45Right Time121 km
10Bina Jn21:3021:40Right Time138 km
11Khurai22:0822:10Right Time160 km
12Jeruwa Khera22:2822:30Right Time178 km
13Nariaoli22:5022:52Right Time194 km
14Saugor23:3023:40Right Time212 km
15Makronia23:4823:50Right Time219 km
16Ganeshganj00:2800:30Right Time250 km
17Patharia00:4800:50Right Time263 km
18Damoh01:3501:40Right Time290 km
19Bandakpur01:5802:00Right Time305 km
20Salaia02:4402:46Right Time350 km
21Rithi03:0603:08Right Time369 km
22Katni04:2504:55Right Time401 km
23Sleemanabad Rd05:1805:20Right Time429 km
24Sihora Road05:4006:03Right Time453 km
25Gosalpur06:1306:15Right Time464 km
26Deori06:2406:26Right Time475 km
27Jabalpur06:5007:00Right Time491 km
28Madan Mahal07:0507:07Right Time495 km
29Bheraghat07:1807:20Right Time508 km
30Bhitoni07:3007:32Right Time521 km
31Bikrampur07:4207:44Right Time533 km
32Shridham07:5607:58Right Time545 km
33Karak Bel08:1008:12Right Time560 km
34Belkhera08:2008:22Right Time564 km
35Narsinghpur08:3808:40Right Time576 km
36Kareli08:5208:54Right Time591 km
37Bohani09:0609:08Right Time607 km
38Gadarwara09:2009:22Right Time620 km
39Salichauka Road09:3409:36Right Time634 km
40Bankhedi09:4809:50Right Time651 km
41Pipariya10:0810:10Right Time669 km
42Sohagpur10:2810:30Right Time687 km
43Guramkhedi10:4010:42Right Time697 km
44Bagra Tawa10:5410:56Right Time710 km
45Sontalai11:1811:20Right Time718 km
46Gurra11:5211:54Right Time726 km
47Itarsi Jn12:20Right Time737 km