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11401 NANDIGRAM EXP Running status

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C Shivaji Maharaj T-CSMT
EExpected16:35 24 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1C Shivaji Maharaj T16:35Right TimeYet to start
2Dadar16:4716:50Right Time8 km
3Thane17:0817:10Right Time33 km
4Kalyan Jn17:3017:33Right Time53 km
5Igatpuri19:0519:10Right Time136 km
6Nasik Road19:5520:00Right Time187 km
7Manmad Jn21:3521:40Right Time260 km
8Nagarsol22:2522:26Right Time282 km
9Rotegaon22:4422:45Right Time310 km
10Lasur23:0823:09Right Time338 km
11Aurangabad23:4023:45Right Time371 km
12Jalna01:0001:02Right Time434 km
13Partur01:3901:40Right Time479 km
14Selu02:0402:05Right Time506 km
15Manwath Road02:1902:20Right Time521 km
16Parbhani Jn03:1303:15Right Time548 km
17Purna Jn03:4803:50Right Time577 km
18H Sahib Nanded05:1005:15Right Time607 km
19Mudkhed Jn05:4805:50Right Time630 km
20Bhokar06:0906:10Right Time662 km
21Himayatnagar Deccan06:5406:55Right Time716 km
22Sahasrakund07:0907:10Right Time738 km
23Bodhani Bujrug07:5407:55Right Time783 km
24Kinwat08:0908:10Right Time805 km
25Adilabad09:2509:30Right Time873 km
26Pimpalkuti10:2010:22Right Time894 km
27Lingti11:1111:13Right Time914 km
28Kayar12:0312:05Right Time939 km
29Wani12:4412:46Right Time960 km
30Majri Jn13:2813:30Right Time973 km
31Warora13:4313:45Right Time985 km
32Hinganghat14:1814:20Right Time1023 km
33Sevagram14:5915:01Right Time1060 km
34Nagpur16:15Right Time1137 km