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11463 SMNH JBP EXPRES Running status

Departure09:30 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated18 Jul 2018 2:15
1Somnath09:30Right TimeYet to start
2Veraval09:4009:50Right Time5 km
3Maliya Hatina10:2210:23Right Time35 km
4Keshod10:4810:49Right Time51 km
5Junagadh Jn11:3411:36Right Time87 km
6Jetalsar Jn12:0212:07Right Time113 km
7Virpur12:2312:24Right Time132 km
8Gondal12:4112:42Right Time148 km
9Bhaktinagar13:4313:45Right Time184 km
10Rajkot Jn13:5814:03Right Time190 km
11Wankaner Jn14:4014:42Right Time231 km
12Than Jn15:0915:11Right Time258 km
13Surendranagar15:4815:50Right Time306 km
14Viramgam Jn17:1117:13Right Time370 km
15Ahmedabad Jn18:3018:50Right Time436 km
16Mahemadavad Kheda Road19:2919:31Right Time464 km
17Nadiad Jn19:4519:47Right Time481 km
18Anand Jn20:0520:07Right Time500 km
19Vadodara Jn20:5321:08Right Time535 km
20Derol21:5121:53Right Time585 km
21Godhra Jn22:5322:55Right Time608 km
22Dahod23:4823:50Right Time682 km
23Meghnagar00:1200:14Right Time716 km
24Ratlam Jn01:4001:45Right Time797 km
25Khachrod02:0702:09Right Time828 km
26Nagda Jn02:3202:35Right Time842 km
27Ujjain Jn03:4003:50Right Time897 km
28Tarana Road04:1304:15Right Time929 km
29Maksi04:4504:47Right Time938 km
30Berchha05:0105:03Right Time957 km
31Kali Sindh05:1505:16Right Time969 km
32Akodia05:3105:33Right Time987 km
33Shujalpur05:4605:48Right Time1000 km
34Kalapipal06:0206:03Right Time1013 km
35Parbati06:1706:18Right Time1028 km
36Sehore06:3106:33Right Time1042 km
37S Hirdaramnagar07:2807:30Right Time1070 km
38Bhopal Jn07:5007:55Right Time1081 km
39Habibganj08:0708:09Right Time1087 km
40Hoshangabad09:1409:16Right Time1155 km
41Itarsi Jn09:5510:15Right Time1172 km
42Sohagpur11:0411:06Right Time1222 km
43Pipariya11:1811:20Right Time1240 km
44Gadarwara11:5511:57Right Time1289 km
45Kareli12:2812:30Right Time1318 km
46Narsinghpur12:4612:48Right Time1333 km
47Shridham13:1813:20Right Time1364 km
48Madan Mahal13:5814:00Right Time1414 km
49Jabalpur14:20Right Time1417 km