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12130 AZAD HIND EXP Running status

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Howrah Jn-HWH
EExpected21:50 24 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Howrah Jn21:50Right TimeYet to start
2Kharagpur Jn23:3023:35Right Time117 km
3Tatanagar Jn01:2501:32Right Time252 km
4Chakradharpur02:2702:32Right Time314 km
5Rourkela03:5504:05Right Time413 km
6Jharsuguda Jn05:4505:47Right Time515 km
7Brajarajnagar05:5505:57Right Time528 km
8Raigarh06:4306:45Right Time588 km
9Champa07:4307:45Right Time668 km
10Bilaspur Jn09:0009:15Right Time720 km
11Raipur Jn10:4510:55Right Time830 km
12Durg11:4011:45Right Time867 km
13Raj Nandgaon12:0612:08Right Time897 km
14Gondia Jn13:3713:39Right Time1001 km
15Tumsar Road14:1314:15Right Time1051 km
16Bhandara Road14:2914:30Right Time1069 km
17Nagpur15:4015:50Right Time1131 km
18Wardha Jn16:4316:46Right Time1210 km
19Badnera Jn18:2218:25Right Time1305 km
20Akola Jn19:2219:25Right Time1384 km
21Shegaon19:4919:50Right Time1421 km
22Malkapur20:2420:25Right Time1474 km
23Bhusaval Jn21:2021:30Right Time1524 km
24Jalgaon Jn21:5321:55Right Time1548 km
25Manmad Jn23:5023:55Right Time1708 km
26Kopargaon01:1301:15Right Time1750 km
27Belapur02:0802:10Right Time1794 km
28Ahmadnagar03:2703:30Right Time1860 km
29Daund Jn05:0505:20Right Time1944 km
30Pune Jn06:50Right Time2019 km