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12137 PUNJAB MAIL Running status

Departure19:35 Right Time
Platform 17
Yet to start
Updated17 Jul 2018 2:15
1C Shivaji Maharaj T19:35Right TimeYet to start
2Dadar19:4719:50Right Time9 km
3Kalyan Jn20:3520:40Right Time53 km
4Kasara21:4321:45Right Time121 km
5Igatpuri22:2022:25Right Time136 km
6Devlali23:0323:05Right Time181 km
7Nasik Road23:1523:20Right Time187 km
8Manmad Jn00:2200:25Right Time260 km
9Chalisgaon Jn01:1001:12Right Time327 km
10Jalgaon Jn02:0802:10Right Time420 km
11Bhusaval Jn02:4002:50Right Time444 km
12Burhanpur03:2803:30Right Time499 km
13Khandwa04:5505:00Right Time568 km
14Khirkiya05:5005:51Right Time644 km
15Harda06:1406:16Right Time675 km
16Banapura06:4706:48Right Time718 km
17Itarsi Jn07:3007:40Right Time751 km
18Hoshangabad07:5808:00Right Time769 km
19Habibganj09:1009:12Right Time837 km
20Bhopal Jn09:3509:40Right Time843 km
21Vidisha10:1710:19Right Time896 km
22Ganj Basoda10:4810:50Right Time935 km
23Bina Jn12:0012:05Right Time981 km
24Lalitpur12:4812:50Right Time1044 km
25Babina13:3313:35Right Time1108 km
26Jhansi Jn14:2014:30Right Time1132 km
27Datia14:5014:52Right Time1157 km
28Dabra15:1415:16Right Time1187 km
29Gwalior Jn15:5516:00Right Time1229 km
30Morena16:2516:27Right Time1268 km
31Dhaulpur17:0517:07Right Time1295 km
32Agra Cantt17:5017:55Right Time1348 km
33Raja Ki Mandi18:0318:05Right Time1352 km
34Mathura Jn18:4318:45Right Time1401 km
35Kosi Kalan19:1319:15Right Time1443 km
36Faridabad20:2420:26Right Time1514 km
37Hazrat Nizamuddin20:5120:53Right Time1535 km
38New Delhi21:1521:50Right Time1542 km
39Delhi Kishanganj22:0322:05Right Time1546 km
40Shakurbasti22:2022:22Right Time1553 km
41Bahadurgarh22:4022:42Right Time1573 km
42Rohtak Jn23:2023:23Right Time1613 km
43Jind Jn00:1200:15Right Time1670 km
44Narwana Jn00:3900:41Right Time1704 km
45Tohana01:0201:04Right Time1730 km
46Jakhal Jn01:2301:25Right Time1742 km
47Bareta01:3501:37Right Time1756 km
48Budhlada01:4901:51Right Time1772 km
49Mansa02:0402:06Right Time1787 km
50Maur02:2002:22Right Time1806 km
51Bhatinda Jn03:3003:40Right Time1840 km
52Goneana Bhai Jagta03:5103:53Right Time1852 km
53Gangsar Jaitu04:0604:08Right Time1867 km
54Kot Kapura Jn04:2504:27Right Time1883 km
55Faridkot04:4904:51Right Time1895 km
56Firozpur Cantt Jn05:50Right Time1928 km