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12138 PUNJAB MAIL Running status

Departure21:40 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated20 Sep 2018 2:15
1Firozpur Cantt Jn21:40Right TimeYet to start
2Faridkot22:0522:07Right Time32 km
3Kot Kapura Jn22:2322:25Right Time45 km
4Gangsar Jaitu22:3822:40Right Time61 km
5Goneana Bhai Jagta22:5422:56Right Time75 km
6Bhatinda Jn23:2523:50Right Time87 km
7Maur00:1500:17Right Time121 km
8Mansa00:3200:34Right Time140 km
9Budhlada00:4800:50Right Time156 km
10Bareta01:0301:05Right Time171 km
11Jakhal Jn01:1901:21Right Time185 km
12Tohana01:3201:34Right Time198 km
13Narwana Jn01:5501:57Right Time224 km
14Jind Jn02:2502:28Right Time257 km
15Rohtak Jn03:1503:17Right Time314 km
16Bahadurgarh03:4503:47Right Time355 km
17Shakurbasti04:1804:20Right Time374 km
18Delhi Kishanganj04:3304:35Right Time381 km
19New Delhi05:0005:15Right Time386 km
20Faridabad05:4105:43Right Time414 km
21Kosi Kalan06:5706:59Right Time485 km
22Mathura Jn07:3807:40Right Time526 km
23Raja Ki Mandi08:1408:16Right Time576 km
24Agra Cantt08:3008:35Right Time580 km
25Dhaulpur09:3309:35Right Time632 km
26Morena10:0010:02Right Time660 km
27Gwalior Jn10:4010:45Right Time698 km
28Dabra11:1511:17Right Time740 km
29Datia11:4011:42Right Time771 km
30Jhansi Jn12:2512:35Right Time795 km
31Babina12:5813:00Right Time820 km
32Lalitpur13:4513:47Right Time884 km
33Bina Jn14:4514:50Right Time947 km
34Ganj Basoda15:2315:25Right Time992 km
35Vidisha15:5215:54Right Time1032 km
36Bhopal Jn16:5016:55Right Time1085 km
37Habibganj17:0717:09Right Time1091 km
38Hoshangabad18:1318:15Right Time1159 km
39Itarsi Jn18:4018:50Right Time1177 km
40Banapura19:1319:15Right Time1210 km
41Harda19:4319:45Right Time1252 km
42Khirkiya20:1020:12Right Time1284 km
43Khandwa21:3521:40Right Time1360 km
44Burhanpur22:2822:30Right Time1429 km
45Bhusaval Jn23:3023:35Right Time1484 km
46Jalgaon Jn23:5900:01Right Time1508 km
47Chalisgaon Jn00:5901:01Right Time1600 km
48Manmad Jn01:5001:55Right Time1668 km
49Nasik Road02:4502:50Right Time1741 km
50Devlali02:5803:00Right Time1746 km
51Igatpuri04:2504:30Right Time1791 km
52Kalyan Jn06:2006:25Right Time1875 km
53Dadar07:0207:05Right Time1919 km
54C Shivaji Maharaj T07:35Right Time1928 km