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12139 SEVAGRAM EXP Running status

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C Shivaji Maharaj T-CSMT
EExpected15:00 24 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1C Shivaji Maharaj T15:00Right TimeYet to start
2Dadar15:0715:10Right Time8 km
3Thane15:3215:35Right Time33 km
4Kalyan Jn15:5515:58Right Time53 km
5Kasara17:0317:05Right Time120 km
6Igatpuri17:4517:50Right Time136 km
7Devlali18:2318:25Right Time181 km
8Nasik Road18:3018:35Right Time187 km
9Niphad18:5819:00Right Time218 km
10Lasalgaon19:1819:20Right Time235 km
11Manmad Jn19:4519:50Right Time260 km
12Nandgaon20:0820:10Right Time285 km
13Chalisgaon Jn20:3820:40Right Time327 km
14Pachora Jn21:0821:10Right Time372 km
15Jalgaon Jn21:4821:50Right Time419 km
16Bhusaval Jn22:1522:25Right Time444 km
17Varangaon22:4322:45Right Time455 km
18Bodwad22:5823:00Right Time474 km
19Malkapur23:1523:16Right Time494 km
20Nandura23:3823:40Right Time521 km
21Jalamb Jn00:0800:10Right Time534 km
22Shegaon00:1800:20Right Time546 km
23Akola Jn01:0001:05Right Time583 km
24Murtajapur01:3501:37Right Time621 km
25Badnera Jn02:3502:40Right Time662 km
26Chandur03:0503:07Right Time691 km
27Dhamangaon03:2003:22Right Time708 km
28Pulgaon Jn03:3703:39Right Time728 km
29Wardha Jn04:1504:20Right Time757 km
30Sevagram04:2504:27Right Time760 km
31Sindi04:4804:50Right Time790 km
32Ajni05:3505:37Right Time833 km
33Nagpur06:10Right Time836 km