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12140 SEVAGRAM EXP Running status

Departure20:50 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated24 Mar 2019 2:15
1Nagpur20:50Right TimeYet to start
2Ajni20:5821:00Right Time3 km
3Sindi21:2821:29Right Time46 km
4Sevagram21:4921:51Right Time76 km
5Wardha Jn21:5622:26Right Time79 km
6Pulgaon Jn22:4822:50Right Time108 km
7Dhamangaon23:0623:08Right Time128 km
8Chandur23:2323:25Right Time145 km
9Badnera Jn00:1200:15Right Time174 km
10Murtajapur00:4300:45Right Time215 km
11Akola Jn01:1501:20Right Time253 km
12Shegaon01:4801:50Right Time290 km
13Jalamb Jn01:5802:00Right Time302 km
14Nandura02:0802:10Right Time315 km
15Malkapur02:3302:35Right Time343 km
16Bodwad02:5002:52Right Time362 km
17Varangaon03:0803:10Right Time381 km
18Bhusaval Jn03:4503:50Right Time392 km
19Jalgaon Jn04:1804:20Right Time417 km
20Pachora Jn04:5304:55Right Time464 km
21Chalisgaon Jn05:2805:30Right Time509 km
22Nandgaon05:5906:00Right Time551 km
23Manmad Jn06:2306:25Right Time576 km
24Lasalgaon06:4406:45Right Time601 km
25Niphad06:5907:00Right Time618 km
26Nasik Road07:2707:30Right Time650 km
27Devlali07:3807:40Right Time655 km
28Igatpuri08:4508:50Right Time700 km
29Kasara09:2809:30Right Time716 km
30Kalyan Jn10:3010:33Right Time783 km
31Thane10:5510:58Right Time804 km
32Dadar11:2311:25Right Time828 km
33C Shivaji Maharaj T11:40Right Time837 km