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12149 PUNE PPTA EXP Running status

Departure20:55 Right Time
Platform 1
Yet to start
Updated21 Oct 2018 2:15
1Pune Jn20:55Right TimeYet to start
2Daund Jn22:0522:20Right Time75 km
3Ahmadnagar23:3723:40Right Time159 km
4Belapur00:4300:45Right Time226 km
5Kopargaon01:2701:30Right Time270 km
6Manmad Jn02:3002:35Right Time312 km
7Bhusaval Jn04:4504:50Right Time496 km
8Burhanpur05:2905:31Right Time550 km
9Khandwa07:1007:15Right Time619 km
10Itarsi Jn09:5010:00Right Time802 km
11Jabalpur13:3013:40Right Time1047 km
12Katni15:0015:10Right Time1138 km
13Maihar15:5615:58Right Time1201 km
14Satna16:3016:40Right Time1236 km
15Allahabd Chheoki20:4020:45Right Time1412 km
16DDU00:2700:37Right Time1552 km
17Buxar01:4501:47Right Time1645 km
18Ara02:3102:33Right Time1714 km
19Danapur03:45Right Time1753 km