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12308 JU HWH SUPFAST Running status

23:30, Late 3h 15m
Yet to start
Updated18 Dec 2018 13:17
1Jodhpur Jn20:15
Late 3h 15mYet to start
2Merta Road Jn00:4301:10Late 3h 10m104 km
3Degana Jn01:4301:46Late 3h 10m149 km
4Makrana Jn02:1502:18Late 3h 10m193 km
5Kuchaman City02:3202:34Late 3h 10m207 km
6Nawa City02:4902:50Late 3h 10m222 km
7Jaipur04:1304:33Late 2h 23m312 km
8Bharatpur Jn06:3506:37Late 1h 51m500 km
9Achhnera Jn06:5907:01Late 1h 51m527 km
10Agra Fort07:4608:11Late 1h 51m553 km
11Tundla Jn08:4908:54Late 1h 14m576 km
12Etawah09:5409:56Late 1h 14m668 km
13Kanpur Central11:3011:40Late 40m807 km
14Fatehpur12:3812:40Late 35m884 km
15Allahabad Jn14:0014:10Right Time1001 km
16Mirzapur15:2315:25Right Time1086 km
17Dd Upadhyaya Jn16:5017:05Right Time1150 km
18Bhabua Road17:4117:42Right Time1203 km
19Sasaram18:1418:15Right Time1251 km
20Dehri On Son18:3218:34Right Time1269 km
21Anugrah Narayan Road18:4718:48Right Time1285 km
22Gaya Jn19:5019:55Right Time1354 km
23Koderma21:2221:24Right Time1430 km
24Parasnath22:1622:21Right Time1505 km
25Dhanbad Jn23:3023:40Right Time1553 km
26Asansol Jn00:4700:52Right Time1611 km
27Barddhaman02:2002:22Right Time1718 km
28Howrah Jn04:15Right Time1812 km