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12311 HWH DLI KLK MAIL Running status

Arrival23:26 Right Time
Departure23:36 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated13 Nov 2018 10:15
1Howrah Jn19:40Right TimeYet to start
2Barddhaman20:5020:55Right Time94 km
3Durgapur21:4321:45Right Time158 km
4Asansol Jn22:1722:22Right Time201 km
5Dhanbad Jn23:2623:36Right Time260 km
6Gomoh Jn00:0500:15Right Time289 km
7Parasnath00:3100:36Right Time307 km
8Hazaribagh Road00:5300:55Right Time334 km
9Koderma01:2801:30Right Time382 km
10Gaya Jn02:5503:00Right Time458 km
11Dehri On Son03:5503:57Right Time544 km
12Sasaram04:1104:13Right Time561 km
13Bhabua Road04:4304:45Right Time609 km
14Dd Upadhyaya Jn06:1506:30Right Time662 km
15Mirzapur07:3507:37Right Time726 km
16Allahabad Jn09:0009:10Right Time811 km
17Fatehpur10:5010:52Right Time928 km
18Kanpur Central12:2512:35Right Time1005 km
19Phaphund13:4413:46Right Time1088 km
20Etawah14:2514:30Right Time1144 km
21Shikohabad Jn15:0615:08Right Time1200 km
22Firozabad15:3015:35Right Time1220 km
23Tundla Jn16:1016:18Right Time1236 km
24Hathras Jn16:5316:55Right Time1284 km
25Aligarh Jn17:2017:25Right Time1314 km
26Khurja Jn17:5517:57Right Time1358 km
27Ghaziabad20:0020:02Right Time1427 km
28Delhi21:0021:30Right Time1447 km
29Subzi Mandi21:4321:45Right Time1450 km
30Sonipat22:1422:16Right Time1490 km
31Ganaur22:2922:31Right Time1506 km
32Samalkha22:4322:45Right Time1519 km
33Panipat Jn23:0123:03Right Time1535 km
34Karnal23:3023:32Right Time1570 km
35Kurukshetra Jn00:3600:38Right Time1603 km
36Ambala Cant Jn02:1002:20Right Time1644 km
37Chandigarh03:0004:00Right Time1712 km
38Chandi Mandir04:1304:15Right Time1726 km
39Kalka04:40Right Time1749 km