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12321 HWH MUMBAI MAIL Running status

Departure21:55 Right Time
Platform 9
Yet to start
Updated19 Sep 2018 2:15
1Howrah Jn21:55Right TimeYet to start
2Barddhaman23:0723:12Right Time94 km
3Panagarh23:4723:49Right Time142 km
4Durgapur00:0200:04Right Time158 km
5Raniganj00:2300:25Right Time183 km
6Asansol Jn00:4100:46Right Time201 km
7Barakar01:0601:08Right Time218 km
8Dhanbad Jn02:0502:10Right Time260 km
9Gomoh Jn02:3402:41Right Time289 km
10Parasnath02:5903:02Right Time307 km
11Hazaribagh Road03:2003:22Right Time334 km
12Koderma04:0004:02Right Time382 km
13Gaya Jn05:1905:24Right Time458 km
14Anugrah Narayan Road06:0906:11Right Time527 km
15Dehri On Son06:2506:27Right Time544 km
16Sasaram06:4106:43Right Time561 km
17Bhabua Road07:1307:15Right Time609 km
18DDU08:1008:30Right Time662 km
19Chunar Jn09:1209:14Right Time695 km
20Mirzapur09:4009:45Right Time726 km
21Vindhyachal09:5509:57Right Time733 km
22Allahabd Chheoki11:1511:20Right Time802 km
23Shankargarh11:5311:55Right Time845 km
24Manikpur Jn13:3013:35Right Time900 km
25Satna14:5015:00Right Time978 km
26Maihar15:2315:25Right Time1013 km
27Katni16:1516:20Right Time1076 km
28Jabalpur17:4517:55Right Time1167 km
29Shridham18:2818:30Right Time1220 km
30Narsinghpur19:0819:10Right Time1251 km
31Kareli19:2219:24Right Time1267 km
32Gadarwara19:4319:45Right Time1295 km
33Pipariya20:2820:30Right Time1345 km
34Itarsi Jn22:1522:25Right Time1412 km
35Harda23:1623:18Right Time1487 km
36Khandwa01:0001:05Right Time1595 km
37Nepanagar01:3901:40Right Time1638 km
38Burhanpur02:0402:05Right Time1664 km
39Bhusaval Jn02:5003:00Right Time1719 km
40Jalgaon Jn03:2403:25Right Time1743 km
41Chalisgaon Jn04:2404:25Right Time1836 km
42Manmad Jn05:3005:35Right Time1903 km
43Nasik Road06:5807:00Right Time1976 km
44Devlali07:0807:10Right Time1982 km
45Igatpuri08:3008:35Right Time2026 km
46Kalyan Jn10:1210:15Right Time2110 km
47Dadar10:5711:00Right Time2154 km
48C Shivaji Maharaj T11:25Right Time2163 km