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12334 VIBHUTI EXPRESS Running status

Departure15:40 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated16 Nov 2018 10:15
1Allahabad City15:40Right TimeYet to start
2Gyanpur Road16:3616:38Right Time62 km
3Manduadih17:3817:40Right Time118 km
4Varanasi Jn18:0018:08Right Time122 km
5Kashi18:1818:20Right Time127 km
6Dd Upadhyaya Jn18:4819:08Right Time141 km
7Zamania19:4519:47Right Time184 km
8Dildarnagar Jn20:0020:02Right Time197 km
9Gahmar20:1220:14Right Time213 km
10Buxar20:3220:34Right Time233 km
11Dumraon20:4520:47Right Time250 km
12Raghunathpur21:0121:03Right Time266 km
13Bihiya21:1521:17Right Time281 km
14Ara21:3521:37Right Time302 km
15Bihta21:5221:54Right Time324 km
16Danapur22:1222:14Right Time341 km
17Patna Jn22:3522:45Right Time351 km
18Fatuha23:0823:10Right Time373 km
19Bakhtiyarpur Jn23:3023:32Right Time397 km
20Barh23:4223:44Right Time415 km
21Mokameh Jn00:0800:10Right Time440 km
22Kiul Jn00:4000:42Right Time474 km
23Jhajha01:5502:00Right Time528 km
24Jasidih Jn02:3202:37Right Time572 km
25Madhupur Jn03:0203:04Right Time601 km
26Chittaranjan03:4203:44Right Time658 km
27Asansol Jn04:1904:24Right Time683 km
28Durgapur04:5404:56Right Time726 km
29Barddhaman05:5606:01Right Time789 km
30Howrah Jn07:40Right Time883 km