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12368 VIKRAMSHILA EXP Running status

Departure14:40 Right Time
Platform 3
Yet to start
Updated13 Nov 2018 10:15
1Anand Vihar Terminal14:40Right TimeYet to start
2Kanpur Central20:2520:35Right Time435 km
3Dd Upadhyaya Jn02:5803:18Right Time778 km
4Patna Jn06:2006:30Right Time988 km
5Patna Saheb06:4806:50Right Time998 km
6Fatuha07:0007:02Right Time1010 km
7Khusropur07:1107:13Right Time1019 km
8Bakhtiyarpur Jn07:2807:30Right Time1034 km
9Barh07:4207:44Right Time1052 km
10Mokameh Jn08:1208:14Right Time1077 km
11Hathidah Jn08:2008:22Right Time1084 km
12Barhiya08:3408:36Right Time1095 km
13Luckeesarai Jn09:0809:10Right Time1110 km
14Kiul Jn09:5009:55Right Time1111 km
15Kajra10:1310:14Right Time1127 km
16Abhaipur10:2610:27Right Time1135 km
17Dharhara10:4110:42Right Time1145 km
18Jamalpur Jn11:0411:14Right Time1157 km
19Bariarpur11:2611:27Right Time1167 km
20Sultanganj11:4811:49Right Time1185 km
21Bhagalpur12:25Right Time1209 km