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12415 INDB NDLS EXP Running status

Departure16:35 Right Time
Platform 2
Yet to start
Updated19 Jan 2019 2:15
1Indore Jn Bg16:35Right TimeYet to start
2Dewas17:1117:13Right Time42 km
3Ujjain Jn17:5518:00Right Time82 km
4Nagda Jn18:5519:20Right Time137 km
5Mahidpur Road19:3519:36Right Time154 km
6Vikramgarh Alot19:5219:53Right Time177 km
7Chaumahla20:1220:13Right Time199 km
8Suwasra20:2920:30Right Time215 km
9Shamgarh20:4320:45Right Time228 km
10Garot20:5420:55Right Time239 km
11Bhawani Mandi21:1221:13Right Time262 km
12Ramganj Mandi21:3321:35Right Time290 km
13Kota Jn22:4522:55Right Time362 km
14Sawai Madhopur00:0800:10Right Time470 km
15Gangapur City00:5801:00Right Time533 km
16Shri Mahabirji01:2501:27Right Time568 km
17Bayana Jn01:5802:00Right Time611 km
18Bharatpur Jn02:3302:35Right Time652 km
19Mathura Jn03:3503:40Right Time686 km
20Faridabad05:0805:10Right Time799 km
21Hazrat Nizamuddin05:4105:43Right Time819 km
22New Delhi06:10Right Time827 km