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12420 GOMTI EXPRESS Running status

Departure12:25 Right Time
Platform 12
Yet to start
Updated16 Nov 2018 10:15
1New Delhi12:25Right TimeYet to start
2Ghaziabad13:0013:02Right Time26 km
3Khurja Jn13:5313:55Right Time95 km
4Aligarh Jn14:5014:52Right Time139 km
5Hathras Jn15:1515:17Right Time169 km
6Tundla Jn16:0516:07Right Time217 km
7Firozabad16:2516:27Right Time233 km
8Shikohabad Jn16:4416:46Right Time253 km
9Etawah17:2217:24Right Time308 km
10Phaphund18:0318:05Right Time365 km
11Jhinjhak18:2118:23Right Time385 km
12Rura18:4018:42Right Time403 km
13Panki19:2019:22Right Time437 km
14Kanpur Central19:5019:55Right Time447 km
15Unnao Jn20:1720:19Right Time465 km
16Lucknow21:25Right Time521 km