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12424 DBRT RAJDHANI Running status

Departure16:10 Right Time
Yet to start
Updated19 Jan 2019 0:05
1New Delhi16:10Right TimeYet to start
2Kanpur Central21:0521:10Right Time431 km
3Allahabad Jn23:1223:14Right Time625 km
4Dd Upadhyaya Jn01:2301:33Right Time778 km
5Danapur04:0004:02Right Time976 km
6Patliputra04:2004:30Right Time982 km
7Barauni Jn06:3506:45Right Time1090 km
8Naugachia08:2308:25Right Time1213 km
9Katihar Jn09:5510:20Right Time1270 km
10Kishanganj11:4011:42Right Time1368 km
11New Jalpaiguri13:2013:30Right Time1456 km
12New Cooch Behar15:2315:25Right Time1582 km
13Kokrajhar16:3516:37Right Time1679 km
14New Bongaigaon17:2517:27Right Time1710 km
15Guwahati19:5020:10Right Time1867 km
16Chaparmukh Jn21:4521:47Right Time1958 km
17Lumding Jn23:2523:27Right Time2048 km
18Diphu00:0300:05Right Time2080 km
19Dimapur01:0301:10Right Time2117 km
20Chongajan01:3701:42Right Time2137 km
21Mariani Jn03:0003:10Right Time2225 km
22New Tinsukia05:5006:00Right Time2382 km
23Dibrugarh Town07:00Right Time2427 km