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12455 DEE BKN SF EXP Running status

Departure22:45 Right Time
Platform 4
Yet to start
Updated16 Dec 2018 10:15
1Delhi S Rohilla22:45Right TimeYet to start
2Rohtak Jn23:4823:50Right Time68 km
3Jind Jn00:3800:40Right Time125 km
4Jakhal Jn01:4301:47Right Time197 km
5Sangrur02:2102:23Right Time248 km
6Dhuri Jn02:5102:53Right Time264 km
7Barnala03:1603:18Right Time294 km
8Bhatinda Jn04:2704:35Right Time359 km
9Giddarbaha04:5805:00Right Time387 km
10Malout05:1605:18Right Time403 km
11Abohar05:5305:55Right Time432 km
12Shri Ganganagar07:3507:55Right Time485 km
13Kesri Singhpur08:1508:17Right Time510 km
14Shri Karanpur08:3708:39Right Time533 km
15Gajsinghpur08:5809:00Right Time553 km
16Rai Singh Nagar09:1309:15Right Time567 km
17Jaitsar09:4109:43Right Time597 km
18Suratgarh Jn10:1010:15Right Time623 km
19Lunkaransar11:3011:32Right Time725 km
20Lalgarh Jn12:3712:39Right Time801 km
21Bikaner Jn13:20Right Time804 km