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12462 MANDOR EXPRESS Running status

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Jodhpur Jn-JU
EExpected19:45 21 Apr 2018
PDelayRight Time
Last Update
Yet to start
1Jodhpur Jn19:45Right TimeYet to start
2Gotan20:5420:56Right Time83 km
3Merta Road Jn21:1621:21Right Time104 km
4Degana Jn21:5621:59Right Time148 km
5Makrana Jn22:2922:32Right Time192 km
6Kuchaman City22:4822:50Right Time206 km
7Jaipur00:5001:00Right Time312 km
8Dausa01:4801:50Right Time373 km
9Bandikui Jn02:2002:22Right Time402 km
10Alwar Jn03:0703:10Right Time463 km
11Rewari04:5304:55Right Time537 km
12Pataudi Road05:1305:15Right Time558 km
13Garhi Harsaru Jn05:3005:32Right Time579 km
14Gurgaon05:4205:44Right Time588 km
15Delhi Cantt06:0006:02Right Time605 km
16Delhi06:40Right Time619 km