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12480 SURYANAGARI EXP Running status

Arrival19:48 Right Time
Departure19:50 Right Time
Platform 3
Yet to start
Updated17 Nov 2018 10:15
1Bandra Terminus13:30Right TimeYet to start
2Borivali13:5714:00Right Time19 km
3Surat17:1517:20Right Time251 km
4Ankleshwar Jn18:0118:03Right Time301 km
5Vadodara Jn19:1319:18Right Time380 km
6Anand Jn19:4819:50Right Time416 km
7Ahmedabad Jn21:0521:25Right Time480 km
8Mahesana Jn22:3322:35Right Time549 km
9Palanpur Jn00:3000:33Right Time614 km
10Abu Road01:2001:30Right Time666 km
11Jawai Bandh02:3802:40Right Time749 km
12Falna02:5402:56Right Time765 km
13Rani03:1003:11Right Time780 km
14Marwar Jn04:3804:40Right Time832 km
15Pali Marwar05:0505:10Right Time862 km
16Luni Jn05:4005:43Right Time903 km
17Jodhpur Jn06:30Right Time935 km